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Welcome to Google Apps Education Edition
@ Plymouth Public Schools
Google Apps Education Edition is a package of online applications that makes communicating and collaborating at school easier and more efficient.  Google Apps for Plymouth Public Schools includes Google Docs (Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Forms, and Drawings), Google Calendar, and Google Sites.  Student accounts for high school students will also include GMail.
Google Calendar is a fast and simple online calendar application.  It lets you see your whole schedule in context -- you can easily share and connect your calendar with those of your friends, classmates, and anyone else in your school community.
GMail is available with accounts for high school students.  Students will need to have their Acceptable Use Policy signed in order to have a Google account with Plymouth Public Schools.
Google Docs is an online application that lets you create and share documents (a word processing program), spreadsheets (spreadsheet program similar to Excel), presentations (presentation program similar to PowerPoint), forms for online surveys/quizzes/polls, and drawings.  Documents are automatically saved and stored online, so you never have to worry about losing an important document.  Sharing a document is as easy as sending a link -- no more keeping track of multiple e-mail attchments. 
Google Docs allows people to work together online on a single version of a document.
Google Docs also allows students to save files from other applications, such as jpg files, pdf files, docx files -- thus creating a "student storage locker" for them.  No more losing their documents or trying to save on a flash drive.
Google Sites is an online application that makes creating a team website as easy as editing a document.  With Google Sites, students and/or teachers can quickly gather a variety of information in one place -- including videos, calendars, presentations, attachments, and text -- and easily share it for viewing or editing with a small group, their entire school district, or the world.