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Google Keep in the Classroom

posted Mar 23, 2017, 7:02 PM by Andrew Schmitt   [ updated Apr 7, 2017, 3:01 AM ]
Google Keep has been around for over 4 years but has recently become a hot topic in G-Suite schools.  Perhaps it is because it has been added as one of the core apps in G Suite or perhaps it is because of it's recent addition to Google Docs?  Whatever the case, educators are coming up with some amazing ways to use Keep in their programming.  Recently TDSB held it's 4th TDSB Camp featuring G-Suite.  There were several amazing educators who presented on ways they have used Keep with their students.  Here are their presentations in one easy to view spot.  There are many YouTube videos and other how-to resources out there but sometimes you need to start with WHY before you start with HOW.  

Click on their session titles for their bio and session description.  Be sure to check out TDSB Google Camp 4.0 for more sessions on a variety of topics.  

Lesley Davidson aka @1grteacher

Kate Miles aka @edu_kate_tdsb

Francine Schwartz aka @msaltobello & Lisa Altobello aka @denlowllc

Here is the link to Google's Support page for Keep:

You can also install the G Suite Extension which provides you with video tutorials directly connected to the G Suite App that you are in...

When first added you will be prompted to see "What's New in G Suite"

The extension will appear in the top right corner of all your Apps:

The video tutorials are organized into categories: