Collaborative Inquiry

"Substantial evidence from research conducted in Ontario and internationally suggests that collaborative inquiry (CI) – a practice of engaging educators as researchers – holds great promise as a provincial approach. It has been shown to be an effective means to both professional learning and to enhanced student learning."  Capacity Building Series: Collaborative Inquiry in Ontario

The “seven characteristics” of collaborative inquiry at a glance ...
To what degree is your inquiry ...
  1. Relevant: Does quality evidence of student learning guide the inquiry?
  2. Collaborative:  Is teacher inquiry a shared process?
  3. Reflective:  Are actions informed by reflection?
  4. Iterative:  Do progressive understandings grow from cycles of inquiry?
  5. Reasoned:  Is analysis used to drive deep into learning?
  6. Adaptive:  In what ways does your inquiry shape practice and practice shape your inquiry?
  7. Reciprocal:  How does your “local” inquiry about a practice connect with what others have discovered about it?

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