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  • Broadening Horizons Sometimes we get stuck in a mental rut lost in our own thoughts, feelings, emotions, and wonderings.  It's hard to figure out ways to expand our understanding of the world.  So much of what we do in schools relies on the choices and decisions we make as educators based on our knowledge, understanding, experiences, and biases (both conscious and unconscious).  In the work I have done in schools I realize more and more the importance of broadening our minds as educators to address the challenges of practice that are happening in the work that we do.  Here are some videos that I have personally found helpful in becoming more aware of the choices that I make every day and ...
    Posted Sep 14, 2017, 9:04 AM by Andrew Schmitt
  • Google Keep in the Classroom Google Keep has been around for over 4 years but has recently become a hot topic in G-Suite schools.  Perhaps it is because it has been added as one of the core apps in G Suite or perhaps it is because of it's recent addition to Google Docs?  Whatever the case, educators are coming up with some amazing ways to use Keep in their programming.  Recently TDSB held it's 4th TDSB Camp featuring G-Suite.  There were several amazing educators who presented on ways they have used Keep with their students.  Here are their presentations in one easy to view spot.  There are many YouTube videos and other how-to resources out there but sometimes you need ...
    Posted Apr 7, 2017, 3:01 AM by Andrew Schmitt
  • TDSB Google Resources It is hard to sift through all the resources out there.  We have some wonderful resources for TDSB that may help you deepen your understanding of G Suite.  Remember that Google Apps are constantly evolving so some of the support resources may be a bit outdated in look and feel.  TDSB GAFE Resource Sitegetting started with Google Appssupport pages for learning each individual appGetting Started with Google Apps for Educationgetting started - broken down into smaller stepsgoing deeper with docs, slides and drawingsTDSB Google Camp Sites - lots of presentations linked through these sites on a variety of apps and topicsTDSB Google Camp -2014TDSB Google Camp 2.0 - 2014TDSB Google Camp 3.0 ...
    Posted Apr 23, 2017, 3:27 AM by Andrew Schmitt
  • Math - Ministry Resources Here is a snapshot of some useful Ministry Resources for Math (Click the image to open a pdf with links to each resource). 
    Posted Feb 3, 2017, 7:18 AM by Andrew Schmitt
  • Gif-fing Gif-fy Wid It! Morphing Photos using 3DThis Gif-fing Gif-fy Wid It! (aka Gettin Jiggy with it!) Do you remember the Michael Jackson music video for Black and White?  The final minute includes a variety of people dancing and they morph from one into another.   Check out this link to see what I mean:  Black and White VideoI recently discovered a website that allows you to create photo morphs that can be downloaded as animated .gifs.  (as well as a variety of other 3d images).  The site is:  3dThis.  It requires an account.  While there are many other apps offered by 3dThis I am focussing on Morphing in this post.  Basically you have to upload a start image and an end image.  You may need ...
    Posted Mar 3, 2017, 7:07 PM by Andrew Schmitt
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