How do I access Google Apps for Education in the TDSB?

If you are on a TDSB computer, open either AW (seen left) or the Chrome browser (seen right) *

On a TDSB computer, both of these will take you to your school's AW site.
  • In your school's AW site, hover over the Google tab on the horizontal navigation bar
  • Select Drive from the drop down menu 
  • If this is your first time accessing your TDSB Google Drive, you will have to agree to the Terms of Service
  • You now have access to your personal TDSB Google Drive — also known as My Drive

If you are not on a TDSB computer, open the Chrome browser*  and go to where you will log in with your TDSB credentials and follow the steps above.

* to install Google Chrome on either a personal or TDSB computer, download Google Chrome and follow the instructions provided.