The Application to Present is now Closed.
Please contact for any further questions.

Google Camp 2.0 will take place on Saturday, November 22, 2014 at Northview Heights Secondary School 

We have two broad categories for the day’s sessions: Create and Inspire.

With the Create sessions, we are looking for sessions that lead participants through specific “how to” sessions. For example:
  • How to use Google Presentations in the mathematics classroom
  • Google Apps for Administrators: Getting Started
With the Inspire sessions, we are looking for sessions that encourage participants to innovate and deepen their use of Google Apps. For example:
  • Using AW & GAFE to Communicate and Collaborate with Colleagues
  • Using Google Apps to Support Inquiry-Based Learning
You will also tag your session for levels (ranging from “Starting”  to “Innovating”), for audiences (ranging from “Kindergarten” to “Secondary”) and for the tool(s) you'll be using (such as Docs, Forms, Blogger).

For general inquiries about the event please contact