TDSB google camp 5.0 (2017)

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Thank you to everyone for helping to make TDSB Google Camp 5.0 a huge success. We thank you for choosing to spend your time learning and sharing with us at Northview Heights Secondary School.

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Workshops on various topics such as a Getting Started with GAFE, Google Classroom, Virtual Library, Google Keep, Google+, Coding and Read and Write Gold afterschool workshops are now being offered by our Digital Lead Learners and are posted on Key-to-Learn. Please sign up and/or share with your colleagues. More information can be found on the DLL website.

Google Camp 5 #TDSBCamp

Welcome to TDSB google camp 5.0

Can't Make it to Camp? Catch a live-streamed session! Click to watch -

Session    Title Presenter 
 1  Kickin' it up a notch with Google Classrom  April De Melo
 1  How Can GSuite Take the Place of Seesaw      Denise Colby  
 1  Keepin' it Real with Google Keep  Kate Miles
 2  Global Competencies and the Google Classroom  Mahfuza Rahman
 2  Global Competencies: Entrepreneurship & GSuite  Zelia Capitao-Tavares
 3  Entrepreneurial Thinking Through GSuite  Arianna Lambert
 3  Google Classroom: What's Next  Julie Millan
 3  5 Tricks to Simplify Your Google Experience  Cate Cuttle
 4  GSuite Your Department Workflow      Jason Trinh
 4  Keep it Collaborative: Secondary Student Learning with Google Keep  Luis Filipe


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