Science with Mr. Ibarra


A few reasons why my students (and their parents!) should visit this site:

  • To check what has been covered in the course recently, in order to study or catch up.
  • To keep track of tests and assignment due dates.
  • To find required / useful links to other teachers' lessons, hand-outs from the course, or for additional practice.


"Teachers open the doors, but you must enter by yourself"

- Chinese proverb

a. Via email (felipe.ibarra-martinez [at]

  • Please write your real name at the beginning of the message, or even better, in the subject line.
  • Write a specific subject in the subject line.
  • Do not use text-message abbreviations, such as LOL, OMG, BRBNC, JTLYK, etc.
  • Be brief and polite. Both orally, and in writing, the words "please" and "thank you" go a long way.
  • Do not expect instant replies. On most days I check my TDSB email only a couple times per day, during school hours.
  • Use good email etiquette, such as the suggestions, from Chris Anderson's Email Charter

b. In person

  • On most days of the week, at lunch time, or after school.
  • Please let me know the day before that you would like to see me for extra help.
  • You can see me for five minutes, for one hour, or anything in-between. It's up to your needs and your schedule.


"Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential"

- Winston Churchill

For any work that you submit, please follow these requirements, unless instructed to do otherwise:

  • Use full, 8 1/2 x 11 standard-sized paper, (not ripped from a notebook).
  • In order to reduce your environmental impact (which we should do all the time), make sure that you:
    1. Do not make cover pages.
    2. Use both sides of the paper, or "GOOS" (Good On One Side) paper.
  • At the top of every paper write your first and last names, class code, and a specific title of the assignment.
  • If two or more pages are submitted, they must be stapled on the top left corner (no notebooks, clips, plastic sleeves, folders, etc, please).
  • Either write each question and answer, or write "full-sentence" answers.
  • Always submit neat and legible work. Use pencil if you have to, and erase any mistake thoroughly.
  • Use a ruler for straight lines in drawings, labels, charts, etc.
  • When making an illustration, use pencil for the drawing, and ink for the labels, title, and footnote.
  • If colour is required on a drawing, use coloured pencils neatly, evenly, without streaks.
  • Provide a list of references at the end of your assignment. If the original idea, definition, image, chart, etc. came from the Internet, provide the following, in order:
    • the publication date (usually near the top or the bottom of the page)
    • the web page title (from the top bar of your browser window)
    • the full, specific URL
  • Make sure that most of your sites end in .gov, .edu, or .org (usually more reliable).
  • If you prefer to do your assignment on a computer, you will be required to submit two versions:
    • The "soft" copy (the electronic version):
      • Submit it via email or bring it in a USB memory stick.
      • Due on/before the due date, and...
    • The "hard" copy (the printed version):
      • Print it double-sided, or on "GOOS" paper.
      • Print it in black ink only. If colour is necessary, apply it by hand with coloured pencils.
      • Due at/before 9 am of the following school day.
  • Whenever there is a supply teacher in my place, submit your work by the end of the period, whether the supply teacher asks for it or not. If you have to, ask another teacher in the Science department to put your work in my office desk. The only exception to this point would be if my lesson plans, sent to the supply teacher in writing, say otherwise.


  1. Assignments that do not meet all the requirements above may lose marks, at my discretion.
  2. Late assignments may lose marks, depending on how many times the student has handed-in late assignments, how late the assignment is, and the nature of the assignment.
  3. Other than the point about submitting work to the supply teacher, dot not drop-off your assignments on my desk without my knowledge.

Finally, please note that this site is not a substitute for school. You still must attend classes daily, on time, ready and willing to learn.

I really hope that this site can be of help. Please let me know if you have any question about it, or suggestion on how to improve it.

Thank you

Felipe Ibarra-Martinez