Julie's Favourite Videos for Learning & Teaching


How to Start a Movement - Derek Sivers
Obvious to you. Amazing to others - Derek Sivers

Introduction to the SAMR Model

Google & Google Stories

Zack Matere: Growing Knowledge

Digital Citizenship & Social Media

Social Media Video 2013 - Erik Qualman
Meet the Internet (2015 Contest Winner)
United Breaks Guitars (using Social Media)
CNA - Speaking Exchange
Don't Give Up (Derek Redmond - Barcelona Olympics)
EDEKA Weihnachtsclip - #heimkommen (Father's funeral)
My Blackberry Is Not Working!Don Friesen: Forgot Password

Cool Projects/Ideas

3 Years Lip Sync to Queen
For Lois (Letter from Superman to Lois)
Willow Lane Elementary School: Meet the Teacher Night 2013