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Google CS First



Collated Lists

Hour of Code Suggestions by Grade


ISTE Standards for Computer Science Educators

An Introductory Computing Curriculum Using Scratch

Computing at School (British Curriculum)

Quick Start Programming Guide

A model curriculum for K-12 Computer Science

A Quickstart Toolkit

ScratchJr Curriculum

Kodable Curriculum

Hopscotch Curriclum

K-12 Computer Science Standards (2011)

Exploring Computer Science

Tynker - Scope & Sequence

Activities & Lessons

Makey Makey

Unplugged Activities

Coding for Kids Without a Computer

My Robotic Friends (Lesson Outline)

CS Unplugged

Primary Activities

My Robotic Friends by Tinkersmith (Unplugged) - Symbols, Debugging

ScratchJr Activities (App)

Junior & Intermediate Activities
Conditionals with Cards (Unplugged)

Computers for Creativity

Computational Thinking Activities (Google)

Integrating Coding into the Elementary Curriculum (Ontario)