Google Camp 1.0

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On Saturday, May 10 2014 we held the first TDSB Google Camp. This GAFE conference allowed educators to share their expertise and enthusiasm for using GAFE (Google Apps for Education) to drive teaching and learning. 
Over 375 teachers and administrators from both the Elementary and Secondary panels participated in this full day event. 


The event’s workshops are organized by user level (e.g. beginner, advanced), grade level (e.g. primary, senior), and user role (e.g. teacher, administrator). And the day ends with a competitive “Demo Slam” in which participants showcase something simple, fun and new to do with a Google App.

Between and after workshops, participants continue to explore educational possibilities with Google Apps. Presenters also post their profiles, presentation materials, and resources for future reference.

The TDSB Google Camp website provides links to the workshops, presenter profiles, session resources, and the TDSB Google Apps resource site.

Reflections & Feedback

Read Diana Maliszewski's Blog Post about the day: Looks Like Tech, Feels like People

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