Grade 9 MaST Science covers 7 main strands:

  1. Ecology(9)
  2. Climate Change(10)
  3. Chemistry 9
  4. Chemistry 10
  5. Electricity (9)
  6. Optics(10)
  7. Astronomy(9)

MaST Science is an enriched experience.  We focus on both a theoretical understanding of concepts and on hands on activities that illustrate those concepts.  Teamwork is an important part of our approach--students work together to solve problems and reinforce learning.

Our students complete both Grade 9 and most of Grade 10 in their first year; they then take Grade 11 MaST Biology in Grade 10.  In addition to acceleration in the curriculum, students complete a major Sci-Tech fair project from late January to early March.  The Sci-Tech fair is a mixture of science and engineering principles that develop our students experimental, analytical, writing and presentation skills.