Grade 12 Earth & Space Science covers 5 main strands:

  1. Astronomy--the origin/death of the universe; the birth/death of stars; and the formation of galaxies and solar systems
  2. Planetary Science--the planets and exoplanets
  3. Geology--mineral and rock properties and identification; resource extraction, mining and conservation
  4. Internal & Surficial Processes--tectonics; mountain orogenies; volcanism; seismic activity; and weather/erosion
  5. Earth's History--the fossil record; mass extinction; and evolution

The teaching and learning focus of the course is on scientific literacy.  Students at the university level are surprised by the amount of reading and writing their course work demands--including in the sciences.  For that reason, we spend time on reading and writing assignments each unit including scientific essays, reports(both written and oral) and research papers.

In addition, students working in groups, write, film and edit videos on the economic importance of mining in Ontario.  These videos are submitted to the Ontario Mining Association's So You Think You Know Mining video contest for high school students where Danforth has produced several winning entries.

Below:  Students preparing for the Taseko Mines Case study plenary.