2014-2015 after school workshops provided by Digital Lead Learners have ended.  All the resources for the workshops are linked below.  

Session Descriptions & Resources 

 Title & Link to Resources

 This workshop introduces participants to the TDSB Google Apps for Education (GAFE) environment, demonstrates how to create Google Apps (e.g. Docs, Forms, Presentations), and explores ways to  communicate and collaborate using the tools that Google Apps for Education provides.

This workshop shows participants how Google Apps for Education (GAFE) connects to Knowledge/Understanding, Thinking/Inquiry, Communication and Application.   

Participants will also learn how GAFE and “cloud” technology supports the classroom environment through new opportunities to communicate, create and collaborate.

This session will focus on strategies and highlight tools and applications on the iPad that will open up ways for students to communicate their ideas and share their thinking.  

Participants will select and try various apps before discussing how iPads could provide students with additional opportunities to express, organize and communicate their thinking.

Participants will be responsible for bringing their own iPad to the session.

 Email is now available for TDSB students from grades 4-12 using Gmail available through the Google Apps for Education domain.

These professional learning sessions will introduce participants to the student Gmail platform, Academic Workspace, and TDSB’s Google Drive.

Participants will consider the curricular uses of student email and discuss how to embed aspects of digital citizenship throughout the use of this communication tool.

This workshop examines how AW can be used to create an enriching online environment to support the learning skills and work habits of students.  Participants will explore ways to support students by using the site announcements, calendar and discussion forums to build responsibility and organizational skills, foster independent work, encourage self-regulation, demonstrate initiative and facilitate collaboration.    

Participants are encouraged to attend this session if they already have an AW class site.

 The primary purpose of assessment is to improve student learning. This workshop is designed to support participants to learn how to use the some of  D2L’s key assessment tools for the purpose of improving learning. Some tools that will be highlighted are:
  • Quizzes

  • Surveys

  • Dropbox

  • Creating Class Statistics

By using these D2L tools, it can help make sense of the data teachers generate so they can improve student success.

This workshop introduces the Chrome OS and its use on the Chromebook laptop. The Chrome browser will also be covered. The emphasis of the session will be how these tools function in TDSB and provide access to a variety of rich online tools including TDSB’s Google Apps for Education environment. Participants will also have an opportunity to explore Chrome apps and extensions and their application to teaching and learning.  

This workshop shows participants how Markbook 2014 generates rich data (including “most recent” and “most consistent”) to guide a teacher’s professional judgment of a student’s achievement.

Participants will learn how to create and weigh Mark Sets, use Modal Analysis, and share Comment Banks and Achievement Categories.

Participants will also learn the value of collaborating with colleagues to co-construct consistent and accurate evaluative practices.