Workshop Resources 2016-17

2016-2017 after school workshops provided by Digital Lead Learners have ended.  All the resources for the workshops are linked below.  

Session Descriptions & Resources 

 Title & Link to Resources

This workshop is for teachers interested in introducing and integrating coding and programming concepts in the elementary grades.  

Coding and Programming can be used in many ways and for many purposes including solving problems, telling a story, animating objects and creating games.

During the workshop, attendees will be introduced to Scratch 2.0 and explore some basic coding activities.  In addition they will receive a digital copy of  the TDSB Coding Continuum which includes corresponding coding activities that can be used and adapted to meet curricular goals in a variety of subject areas.  

Teachers do not need to know coding or programming to attend this workshop.   

Please note: While there are many iPad apps for coding, this workshop will focus on Scratch 2.0, accessible from a computer, laptop or chromebook.

Documenting student learning with google apps for educationThis workshop is for teachers interested in learning more about using TDSB’s Google Drive, Docs, Forms & Slides to document the learning happening in their classrooms using TDSB provided tools in a safe & secure environment. Google Keep (Google’s note taking app/tool) will also be highlighted. 

Communicating with Students & Parents Using Google Classroom

This session will provide an overview of Google Classroom and explore the communication tools available through Classroom such as Announcements and Assignments with special emphasis on the new Parent/Guardian Email Summaries feature.

Communicating with students parents using google sites
 This session will provide an overview of the NEW Google Sites tool with an emphasis on easily creating and editing a site. Special focus will be placed on strategies for communicating with students and parents and the how the new Sites tool supports these activities. 
working with gafe and ipads

This workshop is for teachers interested in learning more about how to use Google Apps on an iPad and understanding the difference between using GAFE on an iPad vs the Chrome browser on a laptop or desktop. The session will also address the questions of “How can iPads and GAFE enhance teaching and learning and aid in sharing work with students and educators” and “Once I understand GAFE on an iPad how can I communicate and collaborate with students?”

This hands-on workshop will focus on strategies and tools to support student writing through the use of this assistive writing tool. WordQ and ThoughtQ can be used for a variety of purposes including assisting students with formulating ideas, vocabulary, grammar, as well as research and inquiry for written assignments. Accessed through the Chrome Web Store, this application seamlessly integrates with all Google Apps for Education

This workshop introduces participants to the TDSB Google Apps for Education (GAFE) environment.  

Google Apps for Education offers a variety of tools that allow for word processing, presentations, surveys, and spreadsheets and file storage in an online environment that is accessible for teachers and students.  

During the workshop, participants will learn how to create and share folders and files (e.g. Drive, Docs, Forms, Presentations), explore ways to communicate and collaborate, and see examples of how other TDSB teachers are using GAFE.