2015-2016 after school workshops provided by Digital Lead Learners have ended.  All the resources for the workshops are linked below.  

Session Descriptions & Resources 

 Title & Link to Resources


This introductory workshop is intended for those teachers looking to use iPads with educational purpose in the classroom. During the session participants will explore and examine a few suggested apps, then share and discuss additional apps and how iPads can potentially be used to provide students with additional opportunities to express, organize and communicate their thinking.  Please bring an iPad with you to the session.  iPads will not be provided to participants during the workshop.

This introductory workshop is intended for those teachers interested in using the Virtual Learning Environment Desire2Learn (D2L) to find out how blended learning could be used to support student learning. During the session participants will explore and examine D2L’s online tools such as news, calendar, discussions, quizzes and surveys. At the end of this session you will be able to register your students and begin using the virtual learning environment.

This introductory workshop is intended for those teachers looking to get started using and creating Google Sites. Google Sites are the website building tool available through TDSB’s suite of Google Apps for Education (GAFE) tools.  During the session participants will explore examples of how Google Sites could be used in education and start to learn some of the basic features of creating a Google Site.

 This workshop is an introduction to Google Classroom, a blended learning tool.

Google Classroom can be an effective tool in collecting, organizing, tracking, and assessing student work. It can also help to engage students in conversations about the curriculum, and foster effective feedback to improve student learning.

This workshop will lead you through the process of creating a class, managing student enrolment, posting announcements,  creating a discussion question and creating an assignment for students in the web-based version (not the iPad app) of Google Classroom.

This workshop introduces participants to the TDSB Google Apps for Education (GAFE) environment.  

Google Apps for Education offers a variety of tools that allow for word processing, presentations, surveys, and spreadsheets in an online environment that is accessible for teachers and students.  

During the workshop, participants will learn how to create and share folders and files (e.g. Docs, Forms, Presentations), explore ways to communicate and collaborate, and see examples of how other TDSB teachers are using GAFE.  

This workshop is for teachers interested in introducing and integrating coding and programming concepts in the elementary grades.  

Coding and Programming can be used in many ways and for many purposes including solving problems, telling a story, animating objects and creating games.

During the workshop, attendees will be introduced to Scratch 2.0 and explore some basic coding activities.  In addition they will receive a digital copy of  the TDSB Coding Continuum which includes corresponding coding activities that can be used and adapted to meet curricular goals in a variety of subject areas.  

Teachers do not need to know coding or programming to attend this workshop.