The Digital Lead Learner (DLL) program is designed to build teacher capacity in the areas of
digital learning technologies, teaching and learning.
The Goals of the DLL program are to:

  • Support TDSB and Ministry of Education priorities through digital learning technologies with an emphasis on the action items in the Multi-Year Strategic Plan the Vision for Learning, specifically Deep Learning Through Technology and the Global Competencies.

  • Build deep learning through technology and knowledge capacity within each Learning Network through a sustainable professional learning model.

  • Inspire, foster and support innovative teaching practices and learning experiences with educational technologies in TDSB classrooms.

The DLL program is a leadership opportunity with a three-year commitment. It entered into a 3-year model starting in 2018-2019

Year 1 - Learning

First-year DLLs are teachers, who have never been DLLs previously, who have a keen interest in learning more about using digital technologies to support teaching and learning and who feel they would benefit from focussed, intentional professional learning. It is expected that in their first year as a DLL they will share their learning and support school communities in the areas of deep learning through technology and the Global Competencies.


DLL Year 1 members can expect to learn about key technologies and pedagogical approaches including Global Competencies, Universal Design, GSuite for Education, Assistive Technologies, Digital Citizenship, the TDSB Virtual Library and more. This learning will take place both in person and online.


The program strives to have 4 teachers from each Learning Network.

Year 2 - Contributing

Second-year DLLs will leverage year one learning and in addition to supporting school communities will participate in a variety of professional learning offerings to the system such as after-school Technology Enabled Learning Sessions (TELS), Professional Learning Pathways and the annual K-12 Ed Tech Marketplace as a presenter.

Year 3 - Supporting

Third-year DLLs in addition to supporting school communities will work directly with first-year DLLs to guide them in their professional learning, support the creation of resources and participate in the annual K-12 Ed Tech Marketplace as a presenter.  

DLL Mentors - Leading

Mentors are experienced DLLs who in addition to supporting school communities provide mentoring, coordination, facilitation and leadership to the overall DLL program initiatives and efforts. DLL Mentors will work directly with second-year and/or third-year DLLs.

Hybrid Teacher-DLL - System Support & Capacity Building

The Hybrid Teacher-Digital Lead Learner (HT-DLL) is a practicing classroom teacher whose areas of expertise extend beyond subject/discipline and into deep learning through technology and the Global Competencies. These HT-DLLs support the Coordinator of Global Competencies & STEM by providing input to the TDSB DLL strategy and implementing strategic initiatives that form part of the DLL program. HT-DLLs are available to provide professional learning and general pedagogical supports for K-12 TDSB educators and collaborate with centrally assigned staff as required. Visit the HT-DLL website for more information about individual HT-DLLs, their areas of subject/discipline/grade specialization, the technology and the competencies that are inherently present in their classrooms.