Digital Lead Learners (DLL) is a Professional Learning Network of volunteer elementary and secondary teachers interested in and dedicated to supporting the curricular use of technology. During the 2016-2017 school year, DLL provided over 100 after school learning opportunities to over 1000 teachers and hosted a K-12 EdTech MarketPlace at the Unleashing Learning conference with over 1200 attendees.

This year, with the support of Teaching and Learning and IT Services, DLL has grown to 240 teachers and will be expanding the Professional Learning opportunities to include Exploration Classrooms, a greater selection of after school Technology Enabled Learning Sessions, Global Competency three day learning modules and much more. All sessions are available for registration on Key to Learn under TLT - Teaching and Learning with Technology.

2017-2018 DLL Goals:
  • To support TDSB and Ministry of Education priorities through learning technologies with an emphasis on the Vision for Learning, Deep Learning Through Technology and the Global Competencies - a transdisciplinary pedagogy  focusing on  inquiry and problem-based learning that fosters collaboration, communication, creativity, innovation, leadership, character and global citizenship in all TDSB students.

  • To build knowledge and capacity for educational technology across all Learning Centres and within each Learning Network through a sustainable, self-supporting professional learning model.

  • To inspire, foster and support innovative teaching practices and learning experiences with educational technologies in TDSB classrooms.