The  TDSB skills continuum for coding provides skills specific for each grade from Kindergarten to Grade 8.  Teachers may choose to use these skills as a coding skills assessment, as "look-fors", and/or as a way to determine an entry point for curriculum and coding integration specific to a particular class or student.  

This TDSB Skills Continuum for elementary coding & programming is not an exhaustive or exclusive list of skills required for coding.  The skills in this continuum are directly related to the ICT Coding Standards for each grade.  

While there are many resources that will lead students through a progression of programming skills that may far exceed the skills listed in this site, the purpose of this site is to show teachers how coding skills can be used as a tool for students to demonstrate their learning to meet the Ontario curriculum expectations, for the appropriate grade level and subject area.   Coding & Programming are taught concurrently with the curriculum and not treated as a separate discipline. 

The TDSB Skills Continuum for Elementary Coding & Programming includes the following categories for each grade:
  • Understanding & Creating Algorithms (Programming Concepts)
  • Writing Programs
  • Testing & Debugging Programs (Code Maintenance)