Goals of the TDSB ICT Standards

The TDSB ICT Standards document is a framework for students, teachers, and administrators to utilize technology as a tool for teaching and learning for K to 12 students throughout the TDSB. With the overall goal of improving student achievement, the ICT Standards document is a guide to help teachers integrate ICT into The Ontario Curriculum, into teaching practice, and into the student’s repertoire of skills in order to support and enhance continuous learning.

In recognition of varying experience levels with ICT integration among teachers, this ICT Standards document seeks to bridge the gap between what Marc Prensky calls “Digital Natives” - today’s learners, and “Digital Immigrants” – many of today’s teachers. This document offers multiple entry points to accommodate teachers who span the digital literacy continuum and suggests various ICT experiences to prepare our students for the future. This document prescribes skills and the corresponding tools to provide the students with learning opportunities to master skills at certain grade levels.

This ICT Standards document provides different methods of delivering The Ontario Curriculum so that the various learning styles of our students may be addressed. Differentiated instruction requires the assessment of student profiles including student interests, readiness for the curriculum topic, and learning preferences. Technology is of interest and a common means of communication for today’s youth, and therefore, an excellent strategy for student choice and engagement. Integrating digital literacy within the teaching and learning of content, process, product, and environment provides our students with essential skills for work and life.

The TDSB ICT Standards are organized into six strands which are guided by the ISTE NETS for Students 2007. These strands and descriptions are similar for all grades K to 12. 
TDSB ICT Coding Standards

In developing the ICT coding standards to insert in the TDSB ICT Standards document, it was determined that the focus for Coding within the context of this document would fall under the Creativity & Innovation strand, recognizing that Coding & Programming can also appear within the other strands.  

The coding standards only change from one division to the next, not from grade to grade. The coding standards are as follows: