Feature request/Want to help?

This project is open-source and open-effort.

If you have a feature request, and know something about cross-compiling, you may be able to help by investing some time and energy in Lemonade.  Current areas of interest are:
  • OpenVPN support
  • samba
  • dropbear (ssh access)
  • bootloader/CFE/JTAG work
  • kernel support
  • OpenWRT support
  • DD-WRT support
  • anything else you can think of!
If you are interested, please reply and make your area of interest/expertise clear, at the DD-WRT thread here:
Support for the Verizon 7501 Built by Westell


Notice:  At the present time, with printing, storage, and media server working well, we are at the point where RAM is very tight, and resources are slim.  No new features are anticipated, unless someone finds a way around the bootloader blockage, and ports the board to dd-wrt, openwrt, or TomatoUSB.  You can certainly ask, you can certainly build it yourself, but it may be at the point of diminishing returns.