USB Printer Compatibility

This page is for both researching a printer (scroll to bottom), and leaving information about it.

Are you new to Lemonade, or wonder if it will work with your USB printer?  Most USB printers are, but maybe a previous user has left a record of his/her experiences.  Note: just because there is no record of a printer, it doesn't mean that it _isn't_ supported, it probably just means no one has entered data for that printer yet.

Does your USB Printer work with Lemonade?  Does it not work?  Please let us know so others can benefit from this knowledge.  Please enter your Printer Brand/Manufacturer,   Model, and either  YES or NO,  any special things you had to do to make it work.  (please keep it brief and strictly factual)

Made a mistake on your entry?  No problem, just make another entry, with the same model that you originally entered, and instead of YES or NO, describe exactly what you wanted your response to say in the first place.  I check the database several times a day, so I will edit it when I get a chance and clean things up.

Before you add your printer, please do a text search of the page using your browser to see if the make and model of your printer is already there, eliminating any duplication of entries.

User-supplied Printer Compatibility Database