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CIFS mounts

You can mount a CIFS or SAMBA share easily on your 7501.  It will show up when you run the commands mount  and df -h.  We assume that you have some other computer that has a CIFS or SAMBA share that you know a username (davygravy) and password (mashedpotatoes) for.

Use the cifs.ko module that is already included in Lemonade at 

Via telnet, login and then cd to the directory containing that kernel module.

Load the module and check to see that it loaded correctly:
insmod cifs.ko
lsmod | grep cifs
cifs 258320 1 - Live 0xc01b8000
nls_base 6752 5 cifs,vfat,nls_iso8859_1,nls_cp437,fat, Live 0xc004d000

Create a mount point directory, say, at /var/usb_mount/share/mtpt:
    mkdir -p /var/usb_mount/share/mtpt

Mount the share on your 7501 (this is intended to be one contiguous line):
mount -t cifs //  /var/usb_mount/share/mtpt/ -o rw,username=davygravy,password=mashedpotatoes

mount and df -h show the following:
# mount
/dev/root on / type squashfs (ro)
proc on /proc type proc (rw,nodiratime)
devpts on /dev/pts type devpts (rw)
tmpfs on /var type tmpfs (rw)
none on /WFIO type ffs (rw,noatime,noexec)
none on /var/sys type sysfs (rw)
/var/dev/sda1 on /var/usb_mount type vfat (rw,nodiratime,fmask=0022,dmask=0022)
// on /var/usb_mount/share/mtpt type cifs (rw,nodiratime,unc=\\192.168.11.
# df -h
Filesystem                Size      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/mtdblock2            4.5M      4.5M         0 100% /
tmpfs                   512.0k    448.0k     64.0k  88% /var
/var/dev/sda1           978.6M    425.3M    553.3M  43% /var/usb_mount
//      3.8G     73.6M      3.7G   2% /var/usb_mount/share/mtpt