Is the Verizon 7501 the cheapest wireless G router w/ USB print server capability?
We think so.
As a stock router, it's certainly not a lemon, but it would have been a sweeter deal if USB worked out-of-the-box.  We've fixed that!  Read on below for details.             
  • Lemonade: a package of binaries that can be easily installed and run on your 7501 that enables all three of the services below
  • USB Print Server print to a USB printer from any computer on your network - printer database  Please enter your printer!!!
  • USB disk sharing share a USB drive over your home network 
  • UPnP media server  view videos, listen to music, from any UPnP client, such as a Droid/iPhone, XBox, PS3  
  • Wireless Switch Mode   use your 7501 as a wireless switch so you can connect to all devices on your entire network
  • BETA: (hopefully in the future) : openvpn support - testers needed!) - see the openvpn and openssl binaries in the Downloads section, try them out, and let us know how it goes.  If they work, we'll also need some user-friendly documentation.
  • NEW: (in version 1.2.2 - Aug 29, 2010):
    • made webif reload nicely after telnet toggle or media rescan (patch/fix by leptians)
    • fixed typo/regression in lemonade script
  •  (in version 1.2.1 - Aug 20, 2010):
    • added telnet start/stop in webif
    • fixed typo in mDNSresponder.conf
    • fixed some minor formatting issues
  • (in version 1.2 : Aug 10, 2010) :
    • USB Device detection for both USB drive and printer
    • Lemonade Webif completely reworked, with System Status, USB device info,Server/Daemon Status, media rescan
    • Bonjour/ZeroConf support for the print server, USB disk sharing, telnet & webif  

version 1.2.1 webif
(released 08/20/2010)

Verizon 7501

Donations Accepted
 (with some conditions):
  • fixed $1 amount
  • a token/gesture, not payment for support
  • donate only after you have your 7501 all set up and Lemonade is working well, and you are sure it is beneficial to you
  • you've read the GPL & Legal  and  SECURITY pages and understand them fully

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