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Royal Palm Turkeys Info & Care

Royal Palm Turkey Info:
They are a domestic breed of turkeys. They are one of the few turkeys that are not used primarily for meat production. They are best know as ornamental birds. They have a unique appearance, they white with bands of metallic black feathers. Toms tend to weigh 16 to 22 lbs. and the hens tend to weigh 10-12 lbs.
Royal Palms first appeared in the 1920's. They are a cross between a Black, Bronze and Narragansett turkeys. They were accepted by the American Poultry Association's Standard in 1971. Theya re also called the Crollweitzer, Pied or Black Laced White turkey.
Toms are known for being doscile and the hens for being great mothers.

Royal Palm Turkey Chick Care:
Here is a list of equipment that you will need before you bring your new chicks to their new home:
  • Pine Shaving Bedding

  • News Paper

  • Heat Lamps

  • Feeder & Waterer

  • Themometer

  • Draft Sheild 
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