TdhTrails - mobile device location app

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The purpose of TdhTrails is to report location relative to a defined network using coordinates obtained from the mobile device on which the app is running. Networks used by TdhTrails are defined within an sqlite database that may be created, viewed and edited using the TdhGISnet personal computer software. Coordinates used by the network may be longitude/latitude or any coordinates that can be obtained by converting from long/lat data using the Project4 library. 

A typical use of TdhTrails would be determining the name of the ski run closest to one's current location. The sample data included defines the ski runs and chair lifts for the Mammoth Mtn (CA) ski resort. TdhGISnet includes the ability to import data from OpenStreetMap, which is how the database for Mammoth Mtn was created (see TdhGISnet_tutorials.pdf in the TdhGISnet Library). Users are welcome to submit networks for inclusion in the TdhTrails library (please provide a description of the network).

TdhTrails runs on Android 2.2 or higher and requires permissions for Fine Location and Write External Storage (necessary for database use). (Note: since TdhTrails does not request communication permission, it does not and can not transmit location information for other uses. TdhTrails does not store location information and does not use location information for any purpose other than as described within the help documentation. see TdhTrails_help.pdf in the TdhTrails Library)

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