Dynamic Data Storage and Editing for C++ Programs

TdhListsAPI (for MS Win and Linux)
Downloads last updated: November 20, 2017

The purpose of TdhListsAPI is to provide fast, flexible dynamic data storage for C++ programs, including:

  • Queues and Stacks
  • Sorted lists
  • Indexed lists (b-trees)
  • Circular Stacks and AutoKey lists
  • Multi Head lists
  • List Notifications
  • List Managers
  • Managed relationships between lists

The purpose of TdhEditAPI is to provide an editor for TdhLists.

The download includes:
  • User's manuals for TdhListsAPI and TdhEditAPI
  • Demonstration source code for TdhLists and TdhEdit with all required header files and libraries
  • executable libraries for MS Win and Linux

TdhLIsts are used for data storage for many different purposes throughout all the software produced by Tim Hirrel. These structures have proven to be extremely useful in a wide variety of applications. In addition to the built in functionality, these structures can be modified by extending virtual functions to suit additional needs.

The author and copyright owner, Tim Hirrel (timhirrel@tdhgis.com), hereby grants unrestricted permission for TdhListsAPI and TdhEditAPI to be used and redistributed free of charge. This software is provided without warranty and the author disavows any liability resulting from its use. 

If you like TdhLists, please let me know, If you want changes, please let me know that, too, Writing software means never having to say you''re finished.

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