TdhGISnet - shortest path analysis

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Import OpenStreetMap Data by specifying tags for the ways (links) to be imported.
  • The purpose of TdhGISnet is find and display the shortest path for a network of roads, communications links, etc. 
  • This may include:The shortest path between any 2 points in the network
  • The shortest path between a starting point and any one of a set of potential end points (nearest location).
  • The shortest path between a starting point and an entire set of intermediate points (travelling salesman)
  • The shortest path for an entire set of points in a specified order
  • Add a node anywhere, permanently or temporarily, by clicking or specifying coordinates
  • Assign links to layers that may be included or discluded from path analysis. 
  • Data is stored in an open database allowing manipulation by other software. 

Path values may be any user defined values such distances, travel times or costs. Link status (open/closed/one-way) and values (e.g. travel time) may be edited manually by right clicking on map.

Use raster images as background for vector graphics. 

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