Psyc 431: Psychology of Architecture and Industrial Design

Studio Design-Challenge Project

Students in my Psychology of Architecture and Industrial Design are assigned to a studio project that requires a design challenge. The challenge is to identify a psychological issue (broadly defined: behavioral, attitudinal, cognitive, health, ...) that interacts with a design (broadly defined: structure, context, feature, plan, arrangement, texture, ...).The goal of this project is to discover how principles, methods, and science of psychology inform design, and how then design influences the behavior, feelings, health and thoughts of people situated in, and/or operating things in their designed world.

Past Student Projects: Student Names (Title / Description of Project)

2018 (Fall)

Altobello, Anna (Seizure Detection Device and App)

Craddock, Isabelle (Teacher 2 Teacher App: Teacher Sharing Something Useful)

Downs, Sydney (My Sensory Buddy: App for Assisting People with Sensory Sensitivity)

Kress, Cassandra (We-Cycle: Recycling App)

McCormick, John (ReDesign of a Teen Referral Center: Improving Interactions and Communications)

Patel, Kinjal (Easy Pickings: A Wardrobe Selection Assistant App)

Renner, Samantha (Serenity Planner: App for Stress and Anxiety)

West, Veronica (Interactive Game App at Your Exercise Machine)

2018 (Spring)

Baltz, Allison (An App for Fashion and Selection of Clothes)

Charters, Lindsay (The Spotlight on Germs: Using Ultraviolet Technology to Clean Mobile Devices)

Dahlstrand, Sydney (An App to Screen the Obscene Content on YouTube)

Garcia, Maria (Re-Designing Dental Offices for Dental Anxiety Relief

Hall, Austin (A Football Helmet to Reduce Concussions)

Johnson, Sarah (An App to Regulate Panic Attacks)

Little, Jerry Kate (A Disney World Renovation of Mountain-Banshee Rookery: A Store redesign

Masinsin, Torii (Marching Toward the Future: An App for Collegiate Marching Bands)

McCartney, Brianne (Sugar High: An App for Solving Issues for Diabetes Regulation)

McLaughlin, Erika (SMILE: An App to Reduce Mental Illness Stigma)

Mellott, Miranda (An App for Creating Clothes that Fit the First Time: Reducing Stress and Feeling Good)

Monahan, Kienan (Reforming Prisons through Residence Re-Design)

Murphy, Emma (An App for People with Autism to Use Money)

Rogers, Cynthia (Duty Calls: An App for Military Home-bound Communications)

Schultheis, Jayne (Big Ideas for Tiny Houses)

Shreve, Christine (The College Student’s Gardening Companion App)

Tanner, Allie (Occupational Therapy at Home Using the OT App)

Tutson, Tara (Tenderly Love Curls (TLC): Creating an App for Curling Hair)

2017 (Fall)

Akers, Morgan (Reinventing Concussion Recovery Protocols)

Arbesfeld, Jamie M. (Changing the Coaching Field for ADD and ADHD Children)

Dubois, Patrick H. (Traffic Congestion Decongestion Solution)

Giroux, Sydney M. (Learning Aids for ADHD: Assisting Focus)

Germinario, Catherine M. (The USA International Border Wall as a Community Space)

Gilmore, Andrew C. (Guitar-Teaching Alarm Clock App)

Helfgott, Rachel (Redesigning Neighborhoods to Reduce Crime)

Jones, Melvin J. (A Cultural Awareness App: One Touch to All)

Kerner, Liz A. (Small Places Tended for Large Mental Health Changes)

Khan, Ahad (A Next Generation of Clothes Washers and Dryers: Changing the Display and Connectivity)

Martin, Mackenzie (Water Fountains for All Heights)

Masla, Nicholas (An App to End Procrastination and Distraction)

Rothlisberger, Christine (Hand Dryers for the Future of Clean Hands)

Smith, Colton (The New Invisible & Convenient Bike Lock)

Smittle, Madison (Redesigning Academic Building to Increase Student Success)

Thomas, Taylor (Spilled Tea No More: A New Ceremony and Cozy)

Wells, Kaitlyn E. (Eyes for Eyewitness: The Future of Contact Lens)

2017 (Spring)

Ansick, Cori C. (Dangers of the Household Kitchen: Cooking Safe)

Ballinger, Jacquelin E. (Art Therapy RV: Bringing Mental Health on Wheels)

Baugham, Hayley (Meal or Minefield: Solution for the Dining Food Allergic)

Cabrera, Richardo (Concept Re-concept for Walking Shoes: A Health Tool)

Clough, Isabelle M. (Reducing Ex-Con Recidivism by Designing Job Applicant Forms)

Coates, Lauren A. (A Fashionable Way to Stop Rape)

Draschner, Regan M. (Solution for Reducing Nutrient Rich Water Runoff)

Dunlap, Spencer M. (Professional Impression Handshake Tool: An App)

Gaskin, Katie (Eat and Repeat App)

Green, Aurena R. (Natural Healers for Self Help)

Jackson, Marcus J. (Improving In-Line Petroleum Pipe Inspection Tool)

Key, Preston D. (Long Laces Tucked in Places)

Leach, Madeline A. (Social Repercussions of Smart Phones: Changing Priorities)

Lee, Lauren N. (Dichotomy of Digital Cameras)

Mendez, Milagros M. (LIFSOUND: Choosing the Soundtrack of Your Life)

Moss, Amadi N. (False Information Filter Toolbar for Google)

Simpson, Paige (Solitary Confinement – Redesign for Humanity’s Sake)

2016 (Spring)

Biwer, Michael C. (The Safer Kitchen Knife)

Burnett, Brittney V. (The Perfect Cook: An App for Cooking Protein Perfect)

Chappell, Paige E. (Sidewalks: Accessibility for All)

Cloude, Elizabeth B. (Reducing Paper Cup Use at Coffeeshops)

Duong, Leighann T. (Eat, Run, Earn Rewards, Repeat: A Healthy Lifestyle App)

Ellis, Krista B. (Privacy Per Gap: re-Designing a New Restroom Stall Wall)

Epps, Taylor L. (Overcoming Institutional-Housing Design Issue: A Better Life Inside)

Foust, Nathan C. (Face Off: In the Pursuit of the Face of Crime)

Haworth, Caitlin D. (Sleeping Toward Success: Improving FitBit Sleep Technology)

Long, Mattee L. (Fast Food … Not so Fast for Some)

Marshall, Colleen M. (Be Savvy, Buy a Fridge: Reduce Food Waste)

McKay, Jaimie L. (What’s in Your Closet?)

Otto, Samantha (Closing in on Germs: Motion Censored Trash Cans)

Smith, Ethan A. (Mr. Feedback the Workout Buddy)

Stout, Ashton L. (Convenient Access to Clean Water and Waterborne Disease Detection)

Turner, Austin S. (Pace of Play in Golf: A New Golf Cart)

Wilson, Matthew D. (How to Incentivize Green Shopping)

2015 (Fall)

Madelyn Amos (Redesigning Crutches for Better Ergonomics)

Shelby Baker (The Bike Desk: A Desk for ADHD Individuals)

Paige Bloomquist (Building a Better College Bed: A Bed that Gives Access to All Things College)

Alyssa Clark (We’re All Mad Here: A Writer’s Salon App)

Kelsey Dolinger (Hybrid Care for Nursing and Childcare: The Young and Old Together)

Shu’Keia Donaldson (SID Prevention Baby Bed)

Tekla “Paige” Ercolano (Riding Horses with a Portable Mutli-Media Box)

Sara Hoffman (The Sunscreen Stick: Getting To the Hard to Reach Back)

Devante A. Huitt (Creating a Better Childcare Landscape Policy)

Ryan Mast (Developing and Building a Discrimination Wall: Creating Tolerance Thru Acting Out)

Mercedes McGann (The Spikector: An App to Detect Spiked Bar Drinks)

Marisa Michak (The Three-Top Table: Three-Sided Table for a New World of Interaction)

Kristin Pudlinski (Redesigning Airplanes for More Space)

Jessica Snead (Creating a Better ER Waiting Room: Increasing Comfort and Peace)

Jessica Marie Swing (The De-Awkwardizer App: Virtual Dates and Travel Vacations)

Laura Whittaker (The Blue App: Self-Mental Health and Help Application)

2015 (Spring)

Leann Anckner (Improving a Professor’s Office Space With Interaction in Mind)

Amanda Bradbury (The Electronic Notebook for Social Media Focus)

Alexis Brown (The Turfmill: A Grass Turf Walk in Place)

Erin Coiley (Washing, Waiting, Wishing: A Coming of Age in Laundry Machines)

Caroline Cox (MPCU: Encouraging Agriculture Practices for a Sustainable World)

Kendall Elder (The Open Minded Chair: A Confined Innovation)

Grace Fitzgerald (A College Students Lifeline: The NEW Captain’s Card)

Daniella Johnston (App for Recipes and Creative Cooking)

Robin Mason (Immediate Post Combat Therapy: Counseling Protocol for Vets)

Jonathan Milam (A New Umbrella Design: They (Currently) Suck)

Alessandra Riederer (Taekwondo Shoes Reimagined For Better Comfort And Mobility)

Donald Robbins (Mr. Bartender: Automatic Drink Maker for the Countertop)

Jefferson Schleifer (Cigarettes, E-Vaporizers, and Beyond: Leaping out of the DIY Sandbox)

Ashley Smith (An Enriching New Tank for A Worthy Whale)

Alison Strope (The Dream Shoe: A Solution for the Constant Struggle between Women’s Health and Women’s Confidence and Power in the Workplace)

Abigail Whitmore (App Wedding Planning Made Easy(er))

Sarah Wilson (Redesign of Chick-fil-A Management App)

2014 (Spring)

Atangana, Luc (Moversity: Business Plan for Moving Peoples’ Stuff)

Barton, Catherine (FashApp: The Online Shopping Solution)

Brown, Shiqueen (Designing a Refugee Camp Shelter: A Better Tent)

Deal, Cody (Recycling Vendor Machine)

Eshleman, Starr (Bathroom Redesign for Comfort and Hygiene)

Flores, Michelle (Redesign of Toilet for better Physical Elimination)

Ford, Khariah (The Flipster Oven: A Countertop Appliance)

Fox, Amanda (Designing Public Restrooms: A Relieving Change)

Kannan, Katie (An App for Improving the Sleep in Children)

Knox, Andie (An APP for Human-Animal Relationships)

Merrell, Kyle (Redesign of Fitness Centers to Increase Productivity)

Nowell, Beth (The Baby Door for Better Care and Monitoring of Newborns)

Ponton, Brittany (Child Testimony Seat and Set-Up)

Schulz, Emily (Remotify: A New Remote Control)

Smith, Meghan (Developing a Youth Ministry Space and Place)

Spigner, Joshua (ReDesigning the US Army’s Combat Uniform)

Terry, Hannah (Renovation of the SPCA)

Verastegui, Alyssa (Vehicle Seatbelts Reconfigured for Safety)

Ward, Rachel (Movie Seat Table)

2013 (Spring)

Bordeaux, Amanda (A Mobile App for University Campus Directions and Information)

Boling, Chelsea (The Virtual Cell Phone)

Cinco, Stephen (reDesigning the Safety Pin)

Carpenito, Cassandra (New Look and Use of Headphones)

Coble, Misha (The Dogsie)

Cooley, Jasmine (Adding Code to the Pinterest Pinning Process)

Elder, Kara (Increasing Student Awareness of Healthy Eating and Activity)

Fry, Christopher (Designing an Eating-Disorder Treatment Center)

Green, Olivia (Interior Design for Compact Cars of the Future)

Marshall, Jennifer (App Design for Funeral Applications and Information)

Miller, Kevin (The iHelmet for Everyday Use)

Pike, Jasmine (reThinking Airport Architecture)

Sempleles, Ellena (Health Conscious Refrigerator)

Taylor, Melissa (Designing Inventory Control Processes)

Walker, Alicia (reDesigning a Medical Waiting Room)

Whitby, Emily (Locker Room Renovation for University Sport Teams)

2012 (Spring)

Baraba, Jessica (Standardizing Video Game Controllers: Better Cross Platform Play with Better Design)

Bell, Kristen (Redesigning Paint: The Future of Paint and the Act of Painting Walls)

Bresnan, Paul (Considering the Produce in Our Grocery Stores: rePlacing Veggies and Fruits)

Carson, Zach (App for GPS Locating Cigarette Prices)

Ferrell. Justin (Socks with Pockets: Needing Our Hands to Be Free)

Howell, Robin (An Alcohol Breathalyzer App for Drinkers and Drivers)

Indorf, Amy (Redesign of Grocery Cart)

Gurdal, James (A Museum for the Meaningful and Common Things of Life)

Jean, Nicole (Pro-Planning App for People on the Go)

Kolodziej, Hilary (Designing a Better College Resident Hall: Rooms and All)

Mallory, Monique (Refrigerator Redesign for Obesity Reduction)

Manges, Jessica (Designing Piggy Banks: The Turtle)

Paul, Lauren (Rotating Refrigerator Shelving: A redesign of a redesign)

Sullivan-Sanchez, Candice (Designing the Better Restaurant)

Williams, Monique (Moving Furniture without Scratching: A New Product)

Wilson, Amanda (Psychological Assessment and Design of Playgrounds)

Yost, Christopher (High School Design: Meeting the Academic Needs for the Future)


Bretzin, Martin (Redesigning the Modern Office)

Smith, James Case (Next Generation of Bathtubs)

Walton, Jess (Vehicle Rearview Mirror and Sensor Innovation)

Gruber, Dara (Home Refrigerator Redesign)

Stark, Regan (De-stigmatization of Public Housing: Place vs. Space)

Shaw, Megan (Motion Detector Lights for Home Safety)

D'Amico, Katlyn (Designing Classrooms for Autistic Students)

Hayden, Bridget (ReDesign of Classroom Chair)

Curcio, Amanda (ReDesign of Einstein's Café and Coffee: Patron Flow Problem)

Jobrack, Benjamin (Using Staircase Space: Above, Below, & Around)

Lentz, Jackie (Designing the University Campus of the Future)

May, Crystal (The New Drive-Thru Experience: Fastfood Fast)

Krupski, Chelsey (Renovating an Old Farm House)

Lee, Samantha (Designing a Physical Therapy Setting)

Topp, Patricia (ReDesigning the Hair Dryer)

Conheeney, Megan (ReDesigning the Delivery System of Deodorant)

Dodd, Rachel (ReDesigning the Home Range: Stove & Cover)

Carr, Joshua (Designing the Home Bathroom of the Future)

Feldman, Amy (Designing a Chair for the Healthy Back)

2010 (Spring)

Augustine, Shannon (Developing a "Community Development": Fostering Belongingness)

Brower, Megan (Improving Residential Alzheimer Units: Exciting Establishments)

Dolan, Alison (A Sense of Place without Fulfilling a Purpose)

Hope, Schachter (Ideal Art Studio for a University Setting)

Irwin, Kelly L. (Vehicle Rearview Device for Improving Traffic Safety)

Leonard, Ryan A. (Designing a Glove for Mixed Martial Arts)

McLaughlin, Mary W. (Improving the Psychological Effects of a Pediatric Emergency Room)

Midkiff, Jacob (Designing an Effective Program for Adventure Based Therapy)

Narod, Brendan (String Theory: A New Way to Look at Music)

Norton, Sarah (Designing a Team Building Process for the Elderly: Not to Old Belong)

Osius, Kristen A. (Designing a Concert Venue: Pleasure and Safety Integrated)

Patterson, Megan (Creating a Habitat for Chesapeake Bay Inhabitants: Foundations for Water Critters)

Rashkin, Amanda (Restaurant Touch Screen Tables: Improving the Dining Experience)

Romans, Alison (A New Idea for Designing a Restaurant: Dynamic Diversity)

Rosenberg, Randy A. (Advancing Technology for Baseball Bat Safety)

Shifflett, Lindsey (Designing a Sorority House: Gamma Phi Beta)

Simmons, Lindsey (Space Efficiency Protocol for Student Residential Living)

Spring, Nichole A. (Telepsychology: Creating a Virtual Therapy Office)

Strumfels, Joshua (Creating a User-Centered Elevator: Going Up)

Tomaino, Dan (Early Education Library: Youthful Accessibility)

Veinott, Amanda (The Rotatable Beach Chair: 360 Degrees at the Beach)

Young, Steve (College Classroom Design: What Works and Works Not)