Fabrications and Productions

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Standing Woman Selfie (to be built, plans complete)

Box-Chair on Legs (to be built, plans complete)

MLifluous III (2016) Mac II Monitor Lamp

MLifluous II (2015) Mac II Monitor Lamp

The Woman: Mona Zoe (2014)

Fall Flower Floor Lamp (2014)

Blue Volute Lamp (2013)

Green Fern Table Lamp (2013)

Triglyph (2013): 3 x Power Macs/Quadras + Tulip Lamp Shade

Mob1 - Apple Boxes: A Mac, A Pad, A Phone, A Dock (2012) (under refinement)

Phobus, Deimos & Niki: Birds of Fire, Sacrifice & Victory (2012) (under refinement)

Limerance Lamp (2012): iMac + Shade = eLLe

BeauRio Lamp (2011): Mac IIci + Lamp = BRL

Tuscan Window Bench Step (2011) (under refinement)

Jaike Lamp (2010): Mac + Lamp = Jaike No. 1

GardenLove (2009): Reclaimed Refuse in Joyful Perspective

Orchid Table (2008): Table for Large Screen LCD TV or Flowers (under refinement)

ChimeTower (2001): Creating Transactional Space, Structure, & Sound

Right Stairs (2001)

TreeHouse (1974): Flying & Floating Experience