Taylorville High School 
Sports Hall of Fame


Taylorville High School graduate and avid sports fan Bob Slaybaugh, wanted to find a way to help Taylorville athletics. He became a member of the Taylorville Sports Boosters and worked with that organization to help support the many Tornado athletic teams and players. He recognized that if the Sports Boosters we going to make a positive impact, they need to find a better way to raise funds. So, in 1993 he took an idea that had been discussed, a golf tournament to raise money to support athletic needs, and lead a committee that turned it into the now famous and successful Taylorville Tornado Open. For the first seven years of the Open, Slaybaugh co-chaired the Open committee and helped lead the event to become one of the most popular and successful fund raisers in the community. As a result of his vision and dedication to the Tornado Open, the athletic programs at Taylorville High School have been the beneficiary of a total to date of $339,298.95.

    In 2002 Slaybaugh took another fund raising idea and was instrumental in the organization of the annual Taylorville High School football Lift-a thon. In the eight years he has assisted with this event, Slaybaugh has helped the Lift-a-thon raise a total of approximately $125,000, all used for the Tornadoes football program.

    Bob Slaybaugh continues his active membership with the Sports Boosters, and still serves on the finance committee.