Harold 'Slick' Parrish
Achievement as a Friend of Sports

    Harold "Slick" Parrish was active in athletics during the "glory" years of the mid 1940's at Taylorville
High School. A member of the state championship basketball team his junior year and center on the
1945 team his senior year, "Slick" began his continuing relationship with the athletic program through
the eyes of a camera, beginning in 1947.
It was that year that Parrish started taking "still" pictures at football and basketball games at Taylorville
High School. Later he was asked to be the photographer of group picture for the Drift Yearbook. 

    In the early 1950's, "Slick" purchased an 8 mm camera and began his career as a cameraman, shooting
film of Bill Ridley and the famed 1952 basketball team. By 1957 the camera of choice became a 16 mm.

He became the team photographer for all football games and boys and eventually girls basketball games.
As video tape became available, Slick purchased a quality camera that would provide coaches not only a quality "film" but one that could be watched moments after the game was over.

    Because of his dedication to each of the sports programs and his understanding of the importance of
providing coaches quality film to analyze, "Slick" rarely missed a game. He has filmed on top of press
boxes throughout the state, in rain, sleet, snow and freezing temperatures. He has been an invaluable
asset to the success of each team he has filmed.

    "Slick" Parrish has done more than just film games, however. He is a charter member of the Emil Mayer
Jr. Football League and throughout the years served as secretary, treasurer, vice-president and president
of that organization. He is a charter member of the Taylorville High School Sports Boosters and assisted
Emil Mayer and other sports booster volunteers in building the present press box on the west side of the
football field.

    Harold "Slick" Parrish and his wife, Lugenia live in Taylorville. He continues to exemplif
y a volunteer's dedication to making a difference for today's young athletes.