Taylorville High School 
Sports Hall of Fame


    Denny Daugherty has been elected into the Hall of Fame as a Friend of Sports. Daugherty who passed away this past February and was known throughout central Illinois as one who was always available if a sports team need an official, whether a timer or score keeper or sometimes even umpire.

    As a boy growing up in Morrisonville, Denny loved sports, but a severe case of Rheumatic Fever prevented him from playing. But not playing did not prevent him from participating in athletics. He used his love of sports to serve and to assist players, coaches and officials. At the age of 13 he began keeping score for local baseball and basketball games.

    After graduating from Morrisonville High School, he attended SIU- Carbondale and was an avid Saluki fan. Following college, Denny became the “go to” guy when a scorekeeper was needed, or a timer, an official or even a referee. He rarely said “no” and could generally be found at any sporting event in the area.

    He has set at the scorer’s bench for Taylorville boys and girls basketball game for many years. He has been the official timer for Taylorville youth league, freshman, J.V. and varsity football games. He was the “official” scorer for the Taylorville Lady Tornadoes when they made their run to the 2nd place finish in the state in 1997. He traveled with the team, to ensure that the team’s statistics were accurate and he received an IHSA state tournament medallion following the Lady Tornadoes final game at Redbird Arena.

    In 2002, Denny Daugherty was inducted into the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame. For 51 years, Denny Daugherty served the youth of Central Illinois, doing the things that are not always noticed, but necessary for the games to be played. He was truly a Friend of Sports.