Taylorville High School
Sports Hall of Fame


Bob Dare moved to Taylorville in 1959 and immediately became involved in Taylorville Athletics. He coached Little League Baseball and Biddy Basketball and served on the Red Bland Little League Board of Directors.

    In the early 1970's along with head varsity football coach Don Anderson, Bob Dare, and Emil Mayer, headed a group that form the Taylorville Junior Football League, a tackle football program for junior high school players. Dare not only served as president of the board for this program for ten years, but underwrote much of the initial financial need to start and sustain the program in its formative years. The garage at Dare's home served as the storage area for uniforms, pads and helmets during the off season for many years.

    The storage problem was solved when Dare, Mayer and Hall of Famer Harold "Slick" Parrish volunteered their leadership, time, energy, and dedication to raising funds and to personally build the current football press box that has equipment storerooms built into its base.

    During the basketball season, Bob Dare could be found behind the scorers desk keeping the clock for Tornadoes hoe games, a job he did for ten years.

    When a group of interested people chose to organize the High School Sports Boosters, Bob Dare was there to provide his support and some funds to ensure that early program efforts were successful.

    Bob Dare unselfishly gave his time and his resources to help Taylorville athletics be the best they could be. Bob Dare truly exemplified what a real "Friend of Taylorville Sports" should be. Dare currently lives in Tuscaloosa, Alabama .