Welcome to the Media Center

"What the world of tomorrow will be like is greatly dependent on the power of imagination in those who are learning to read today." -- Astrid Lindgren

The Media Center is the hub of our school. Students visit us starting at the 8:00 morning bell and ending around 3:30 pm every day.  At the junior high, students may check out two items at a time for two weeks at a time.  A blue date due card is placed in the book pocket of the book to remind students when their item(s) is due.  There is a charge of $.10 a day for every day an item is late.  The fine will continue to grow until the item(s) is returned.  No fine will be greater than $5.00 per item.  Only when a book is lost or damaged will the full price of an item be charged to the student's account.  Once a fine is $.60 or more, students are not allowed to check out from the Media Center until their library fine is paid.  For items lost or damaged,  letters are sent home to parents/guardians regarding the replacement fee. 

The Junior High Media Center belongs to Illinois Heartland Library System.  The system provides services to school, academic and public libraries in central and southern Illinois. The biggest service it provides is our online cataloging through SHARE (Sharing Heartland's Available Resources Equally).  Not only do students have access online to our own collection, but they can access and request materials from over 250 libraries that participate in SHARE. That's a lot of available resources for our students!

In addition to our book collection, the Media Center houses 32 computers that have internet access.  Teachers sign up to use the computers with their classes for different projects.  In addition to internet access, there are several online databases students may use for research purposes.  Be sure to access the Library Resource link under the student tab on the home page to peruse what we offer.  There is a username and password to be used for a few of the databases, such as World Book and Ebsco Host.  Students may ask Mrs. Southworth or Ms. Lowry for these at any time.