Asthma management at school

Managing a child’s asthma is a team effort, involving parents, school nurses, teachers, the child, and healthcare providers. Parents are strongly encouraged to notify the school nurse & teacher about child's asthma, especially if medication may be required throughout the school year. There are several options for local allergist in the St. Louis & Metro East areas.

Inhalers & Medication at School:

If your child may require the use of an inhaler or other medication while at school, parents are responsible to complete the following

  1. Triad Request for Medication Form must be completed and signed by the doctor & parent. (Medication is kept in the nurse's office on most occasions in the elementary schools.)
  2. An Asthma Action Plan. The information provided will help the school nurse, teachers, specialist, bus drivers, and possibly EMT's understand your child's symptoms and what to do if the student has an asthma episode at school.

The Back To School with Asthma Checklist is a helpful list for parents review prior to the school year.

Note: A school must permit a pupil with asthma the self-administration of medication so long as the parent provides:

  • Written authorization on Triad Request for Medication Form from the student's physician.
  • The form must be signed by physician and parent.
  • The original prescription label with the name of the medication, the prescribed dosage and the time or circumstances under which the medication is administered.
  • Orders for all medications & asthma action plans must be renewed each school year.