Medication At School

There are times when medication administration during school hours is required, in order to maintain the student in school. There are also medications that may need to be available in case of an emergency (asthma, anaphylaxis, seizures, diabetes). Parents are advised to speak with the doctor first,to discus all options. If medication must be available or administered during school hours, contact your school nurse immediately.

If your child needs to carry and self-administer emergency medication, check with the school nurse or visit the Allergy or Asthma page for more information.

Requirements for Medication Administration @ School:

  • An order from the physician on Triad Request for Medication Administration Form 
  • Parental signature / consent on Triad Request for Medication Administration Form 
  • Medication must be brought to the school nurse by a parent/guardian, in a container, labeled appropriately by the pharmacist or licensed prescriber.
  • If medication is over-the-counter, it must also be brought in the original container, labeled with your child's name. An order from the physician is also necessary.
  • Medication is stored in a locked cabinet. 
  • Medications requiring refrigeration are stored in a refrigerator. 
  • Visit Triad policy 7:270, Administering medication to students by clicking on Triad Policy (left).
  • Medication orders must be renewed each school year. Orders go directly to the school nurse. 

Disposing of Medication at the end of the year:

At the end of the school year or the end of the medication regime, the student’s parent/guardian is responsible for removing the unused medication from the school. If the parent does not pick up the medication, the CSN or RN will dispose of the medication.