Diabetes at School

Safe at School

Children with type 1 diabetes and their families go through a tremendous learning experience. The good news is that kids are adaptable and type 1 diabetes is manageable! For a student using insulin, diabetes must be managed 24/7, including the many hours spent at school, on field trips and in extra-curricular activities. Triad School Nurses can help parents and students with diabetes feel at ease during the school day & help prepare and manage a plan specific to each child's needs. Contact your school nurse for more information.

If your child has diabetes:

  1. Notify your school nurse. She will ask you for more information about your child's health and formulate a plan to keep him/her safe at school.
  2. Complete a Diabetic Medical Management Plan (DMMP) with your child's doctor & school nurse.
  3. Complete Medication Administration form if your child will require insulin, glucagon, or any other type of prescription or over-the counter medication during the school day. A doctor & parent must sign the form, authorizing medication administration.

Helpful Links:

JDRF: jdrf.org

ADA: www.diabetes.org

Calorie King: www.calorieking.com/foods/