Welcome to Research!

There is an incredible amount of information available in our society and the ability to filter, interpret, and understand all of it is important.  These skills not only help in school, but in future professions, and even socially.  Quality research allows for a strong base for future discovery, a well-informed opinion to argue a point, and the opportunity to use your knowledge to gain credibility and respect from your peers and superiors.

In this class, students will choose a year-long topic and will work on a number of projects related to this topic.  Choosing only one topic gives students the opportunity to "master" a subject they are passionate about.  Students first learn basic research skills, such as choosing a topic, finding sources, citations, bibliographies, note-taking, outlines, and rough/final drafts.  Then, we move into our projects which vary depending on grade level. 

There is very little homework given in this class, however, when it is given, it is extremely important.  For example, a homework assignment may be given to bring in resource books from the public library, which are critical to completing classwork.  If resource books are not brought in, the student will not be able to complete classwork,thus will fall behind.

The grading categories and percentages are as follows:
70%=Projects, Papers, Presentations

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