November- December

Our annual Day of the Death Altar was done by the students in 8th grade Spanish and 7th grade helped too. Students made paper flowers, they brought lights and candles, skulls, homemade food, and pictures of their loved ones that passed away. The Altar was in honor of  family members of 8th grade students that passed away. We respectfully arranged pictures of the deceased, as we learned the origins of the Day of the Death tradition. Also, in 8th grade the strudents learned to make enchiladas! They studied the recipe and they in groups of two and three they became experts at making enchiladas, and we had an Enchilada Feast in the classroom. 
As part of "Dia de los Muertos" celebrations, we learned how to make "pinatas" in shape of skyulls, which we nicely decorated, and they are in display in 4th grade. Also, in 4th grade we had so much fun learning to cook "Molletes" a delicious recipe from Spanish Speaking countries in America. You can make it at home: "Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Make the salsa: combine all the ingredients in a small serving bowl and set aside.Cut the bolillos or French bread in half length wise. Take out some of the soft center to make space for the filling. Spread each half with 1/2 Tbs butter, top with the refried beans, cooked chorizo, and cover with the cheese. Place the molletes in a jelly roll pan and bake until cheese is melted and bread is warmed through. Serve hot with the salsa."

In Kindergarden and 1st grade we learned "Mi hombre de nieve" and here is the link to our favorite song in  of the holiday season


8th graders are becoming skilled Spanish speakers!! We learned so much this month, including Direct Object Pronuns one of the most elaborate concepts in the Spanish language. They know how to use the possessive according to personal pronouns, and according to gender and number. They are know how to use the preterit of "Ir" and  "Hacer" (to go and to do). They made 2 videos: one making enchiladas...que rico! And the second video was a song of the weather. The videos were so much fun!
We talked about the environment and we had long discussions in class about ways they have been caring for the planet and things to do in the present to protect the environment. Also, they learned to use comparisons using better than/worst than, more than/less than and the they were just introduced to the conjugations of three irregular verbs in the Preterit: "Traer, Querer and Poder".

7th grade is getting familiarized with sentences to say "?Que hiciste el fin de semana?" We are practicing verb conjugation and we are getting very good at it!
They know how to conjugate "Ser", "Estar" (to be), "Ir" (to go) y "Tener" (to have). They love playing conjugation races on the board, and making flashcards for new vocabulary. Currently they are learning to use "Tener que" to express tasks that you ought to do or obligations. 

6th is working on a family project, they are gathering pictures of relatives and using adjectives to describe them, as well as saying age in Spanish. They are learning a lot about how to upload pictures into a power point presentation! They will have individual presentations in class, and parents are welcome to join! In class we explored the similarities and differences between Halloween and Dia de los muertos.

5th graders have been working on verb flashcards, they had fun memorizing about 20 verbs as we played charades. They watched videos of action words and even make drawings of a couple of verbs. They loved the book "Cuando Sofia se enoja, se enoja deveras" which is the story of a girl who slowly calms down after being angry. This month we played Spanish Bingo and they had a lot of fun!

4th grade enjoyed reading "Abuela's weave" learning about a Guatemalan country girl and her grandmother who weaved traditional "huipiles" (blouses) and tapestry. She worked hard and sold her pieces at the market in the big city. They were marveled by her bravery and wisdom. We also read "La princesa y el guisante" (Princess and the pea), they had fun and most of them told me that they read the story before. They are so enthusiastic and love working on new vocabulary and word puzzles!

3rd grade became familiarized with colors, we played games and we watched the song-video "?De que color es?" with senor Jordan. read "Oye hormiguita" a beautiful story of a little ant having a conversation with a boy whose intention is to step on the ant.

2nd grade read "Oye hormiguita" a beautiful story of a little ant having a conversation with a boy whose intention is to step on the ant.

1st grade favorite new Spanish song is "Cuando un amigo baila" where we use vocabulary for body parts, and here is the link to sing at home :) 
Another favorite song is "Juan Paco Pedro de la mar"! They enjoy changing the tone of their voice as we sing it. We have been practicing naming colors in Spanish and we play a game of standing up when a color is named, it's call:"If your ropa has any ____" naming all the colors where the blank is. We read "La arana muy ocupada" about a spider who works all day making its web, and we also read "Buenas noches luna". We love to learn while having fun!

Kinder:  We learned so many songs, colors, and games! They know how to count by singing "10 deditos" (10 little fingers), they know how to ask for the time and we learned by playing a fun game"mama, que hora es?", now they all know the song about body parts and they love playing a game with "Pepe el mono" where he tickles you when you don't cover the body part he says to cover. They learned all the colors and played our favorite game: If your ropa has this color stand up! Also we had fun reading many books including "Tiempo de calabazas", "el primer halloween de Cliford" and "Mi mama". 
8th grade, they have engaged in conversations about activities in the weekend, and gathering with friends. They have been reading and translating stories from the textbook. They learned their first vocabulary list about school supplies and made flashcards. We are practicing the verb “Gustar” I like and I don’t like.

For 7th and 8th  pen-pal program stars this week, Tipai is writing them letters which will be delivered this weekend.7th grade, they learned that nouns in Spanish have gender, they are either masculine or feminine. They learned the definite    and indefinite articles. Definite-la, el, las, los and Indefinite-un, una, unas, unos. They assigned articles to school supplies. Also, they learned the first vocabulary list of 40 words on greetings, and made flashcards.

6th grade, we have been conjugating AR verbs in the present form including: Saltar, caminar, estudiar, trabajar, nadar, ver la television, lavar los platos, escuchar la radio, and cantar. For example yo canto, tu cantas, el canta, ella canta, nosotros cantamos, ustedes cantan, and ellos/ellas cantan.

Here is a video of the song : "Son de la negra" to conmemorate the Mexican Independence Day on September 16th