8th grade, they have engaged in conversations about activities in the weekend, and gathering with friends. They have been reading and translating stories from the textbook. They learned their first vocabulary list about school supplies and made flashcards. We are practicing the verb “Gustar” I like and I don’t like.

For 7th and 8th the pen-pal program stars this week, Tipai is writing them letters which will be delivered this weekend.7th grade, they learned that nouns in Spanish have gender, they are either masculine or feminine. They learned the definite    and indefinite articles. Definite-la, el, las, los and Indefinite-un, una, unas, unos. They assigned articles to school supplies. Also, they learned the first vocabulary list of 40 words on greetings, and made flashcards.

6th grade, we have been conjugating AR verbs in the present form including: Saltar, caminar, estudiar, trabajar, nadar, ver la television, lavar los platos, escuchar la radio, and cantar. For example yo canto, tu cantas, el canta, ella canta, nosotros cantamos, ustedes cantan, and ellos/ellas cantan.

Here is a video of the song : "Son de la negra" to conmemorate the Mexican Independence Day on September 16th