1. 1 Intro:


Bitcoin displays some features of what we in the business refer to as 'agile' development.  (Rhymes with 'fragile'.)

'agile' development is fun, productive, and rewarding.  Unfortunately it also has it's downsides.  Agile programming is most suitable for projects with a limited life expectancy.  Those which survive and/or have high reliability requirements (both features that one would hope for in a platform upon which to base a 'reserve' with 'financial' elements) often find it necessary to pay the piper at some point.

Here is an interesting conversation which illustrates some of the issues which can arise.  There are many other conversations like it.

'paracoin' being envisioned as both
  •  'semi-live' for as long a period as Bitcoin remain viable to the satisfaction of a majority of the stakeholders, and
  • simplistic as a cut-down version of a well tested technology
offers the possibility to specify with a reasonable level of precision then code to spec.  Ya, boring.  I know.  But for something which is hoped to have a long and solid life expectancy it is probably a pill worth swallowing.