2012 TA7TC Archive

We are looking forward to another great TCEA Area 7 Technology Conference in White Oak, TX, on June 8, 2012.

Thanks for a great conference this year! 

Here is the PDF containing the nearly 500 tweets from the day.

The following ISDs were in attendance:









Central Heights

Chapel Hill















Life School Oak Cliff

Linden Kildare


Martins Mill





New Diana


Pine Tree


St. Cyprian's Episcopal School

St. James Day School


Trinity School of TX


Texas A&M International


White Oak


Wills Point




Conference program can be downloaded HERE .

Presenters and Their Presentation Files:

Howie DiBlasi -
P.B.L.: 10 Essential Educational Resources for Teachers
17 Ways To Connect and Integrate Social Media Into Classrooms
P.B.L : Disney Projects in the Classroom--Design a Theme Park
19 Best Web 2.0 Classroom Tools You May Have Missed

Darren Kuropatwa -
Developing Expert Voices

Rusty Meyners -
The Android Alternative

Shelly Hugghins -
Twitter in the Classroom

Stuart Burt -
The iPad as the Ultimate Teaching Tool
42 Free Web, iOS, and Android Apps for Teachers

Janet Corder -
Finding Hidden Treasures in your Interactive Whiteboard
Formative Assessment with Technology
Leading 21st Century Schools
Pinterest + Promethean = Tons of Cool Ideas!

Dwight Goodwin -
Using Twitter as your Virtual PLC

Tony Black -
MadLib Movies: QuicktimeFilm Terminology - Scavenger Hunt Script - Really Early Show Doc - Mad Libs/Prezi PPT

Mark Cockrell -
It's Not About the Technology

Kristy Vincent -
Google Drive: Driving to the Cloud

Pam Cranford & team -
Teaching with Web 2.0: No Financial Limits (2 part session)

Lisa Johnson & Yolanda Barker -
Product-Based App-tivities in the iClassroom
The 1 iPad Classroom

Greg Garner -
Building a Framework for Classroom Projects
Classroom Content Creators and Curators

Vickie Echols -
Edmodo: An Introduction

Dayna Laur -
Driving Questions: You Can Drive Your Projects Toward Success
Technology Integration to Support PBL: Moving Beyond Word  Processing Essays & PPT Presentations
Formative and Summative Assessment in PBL: It's Not Just About  the Test at the End
Turning Projects into Project Based Learning - The Importance of  Scaffolding in PBL

Paula Naugle -
How Social Media Reignited My Career

Hutch Hutcherson -
eInstruction's New Insight 360 Formative Instruction System and how it assists with CSCOPE, STAAR, AYP, and RTI

Tara Hayes -
SHI - Free Renewal Tracking & Online Tools

Jeromy Franks - 
One-to-One 101: What you need to know before you invest

Angela Brotherton - 
Flip Your Classroom

Bryan Doyle - 
iConstruction - Building a Science Apptivity

Sylvia Harris - 

Michelle Cooper - 

Marsha Edney -

Maria Henderson -
Creating and Publishing iBooks

Jon Samuelson -
30 Free Web 2.0 Tools

Sara Rogers -
Lifecycle Management

Flora Gray - 
I've got the technology! I just can't control my class long enough to use it!

Welcome to the Area 7 Tech Conference site.

Here you will find all the latest updates, news, presenter information, registration links, presenter resources, sponsor links, and more. The pages are listed in the left hand column for easy navigation. 

We will have many strands running in our presentation schedule. We hope this will provide plenty of training opportunities for everyone. Stay tuned as we add information about those who have committed to be presenters.

Registration costs are below. They include lunch and a full day of sessions. Door prizes will be awarded throughout the day.

Accepted presenters - free

TCEA members - $30

non-TCEA members - $30 (also provides you a year's membership in TCEA with all of those benefits)

Registration is provided on the TCEA site HERE. Onsite registration will also be available - PO's (made out to TCEA), checks (made out to TCEA), and cash only (receipts will be provided).

***Download the conference program HERE!

For those who use Twitter, follow us: @Area7TCEA Also use the hashtag: #tatc12 so your tweets will show up on our giant Twitterwall in the lobby provided by Master Audio Visuals, Inc.!

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Keynote Speaker - Darren Kuropatwa


Darren’s unique skill set – an in-depth knowledge of pedagogy, leading edge technology skills and boundless creativity make him a strong change agent in 21st century education. His relaxed confident manner puts participants at ease as he leads them through relevant discussions of how the appropriate application of technology in the day-to-day classroom setting can enhance student learning. Attendees leave eager to apply these ideas in their own classrooms. 

Darren's leadership and vision in the field of educational technology are known world-wide through his work as one of the founding conveners of the K12 Online Conference –http://k12onlineconference.org and his professional blog – A Difference –http://adifference.blogspot.com.

Darren's keynote will be:


In a word or two you remember the whole story: glass slipper, sour grapes, cold porridge. You remember more than the facts (a step mother & two step sisters, an absent father, a godmother) you remember the relationships and deeper connections between the characters (nasty step mom & sisters, warm but lonely friendships with the animals in the house, a dream of a better life).

The challenge for teachers and students is not to find problems but to find stories. Powerful narratives, in a word or two, bring to mind a wealth of ideas and relationships; more than just facts. How can we find the stories that make our teaching sticky? How do we help kids find, and more importantly tell, the stories that make their learning sticky?

We’ll look at some strong examples and send you on your way with a toolkit of ideas and practices to make teaching & learning sticky in your class.

White Oak ISD is excited to be the host for the 2012 conference. We hope you enjoy your experience.

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