We are looking forward to another great TCEA Area 7 Technology Conference in White Oak, TX, on June 10, 2016. Sessions are in the program at the Online Program link in the left menu.

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White Oak Middle School
200 S. White Oak Rd.
White Oak, TX 75693

Opening Keynote by

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Creative Commons: Flickr User Alvin Trusty
Photo Credit: Alvin Trusty

Building School 2.0: Moving from Theory to Practice to Build the Schools We Need

Listen to any popular speaker or pick up any book on the topic of education and you will find cries of panic that we are preparing students for jobs that don't even exist yet. This keynote will focus on the fact that this has always been the case. While we have never and will never have a crystal ball to predict the future needs of education, we know what we need to build modern schools. Through inquiry-driven, project-based learning we can build schools that celebrate experiences, curiosity, persistence, and collaboration. We can build schools that recognize and value the humanity of the children and adults they contain. We can build modern schools.