Steps to Create Multiple QR Codes
After installing the Add-On, QR Code Generator, to your Google Sheets. Follow steps 1-6. 
1. Go to your Google Drive
2. Create a Spreadsheet and LABEL it
3. Type your words in one column
4. From the menu, Add-Ons, select QR Code Generator and click on start (remember you needed to have added (get add-ons) 
5. Highlight your column
6. Choose your options
    Save as Document
    Include value (label each of your codes)
    Draw border (lines to help you cut out the codes)
    Save as a png (creates a folder with individual codes in case you want to make an activity sheet)

Grades 1-2

I'm A Potato, You're a French Fry
Pass out a QR code to each student.
Scan your code using the QR reader.
Draw and write the word.
Take a screenshot.
Walk around and find at least 3 people to share 
Say: I'm a ______, what are you?"
Form a group with others who are in your same category.
Choose the tallest person to tell why you have formed this group.
Each person can show off their drawing.

Vegetables: potato, green bean, corn, carrot
Transportation: bus, airplane, car, bike
School Supplies: pencil, glue, eraser, paper
Zoo Animals: elephant, lion, zebra, giraffe
Pets: dog, cat, rabbit, hamster
Fruit: apple, banana, orange, grapes
Colors: yellow, purple, green, red

Extended Activity:
Ask class, could any other categories have been formed? Try to form new groups (can be smaller or larger)

Short Vowels and Long Vowels
Directions: Students will scan the QR code that can either be placed around the room or stashed in an envelope for a center activity.
There are 2 QR codes per vowel sound. Student will scan each code and write the word under the appropriate vowel.

Short Vowel Activity Worksheet
a = cat, ham
e = web, tent
i = hill, pig
o = lock, frog
u = run, tub 

Long Vowel Activity Worksheet
a = cave, snake
e = bee, leaf
i = kite, bike
o = rose, toes
u = dune, juice

Directions: Students will scan each QR code and say the word that matches the picture you see. Draw a line to the blend that matches the beginning of the word.
Blends include:
bl, br, cl, cr, dr, fl, fr, gr, pl, pr, sm, sn, st, tr, and wh.

Word Blends A

Word Blends B
French Fries

Word Blends C

Who Am I?
Drawing Conclusions with QR Code Riddles

Directions: Each activity has three clues in the form of QR Codes. Students scan each code and write the key word under each box. Finally the student draws the answer in the Who am I? box.

I am an animal. I have fur. I bark. = dog
I am round. I am orange. I bounce. = basketball
I am shiny. I have 2 wheels. I take you places. = car
I am fluffy. I am white or gray. You find me in the sky. = cloud
I am very large. You find me in a zoo or circus. I have a very long nose. = elephant
I drive a red truck. I climb a ladder. I spray water from a hose. = firefighter
I am warm. I come in many different colors. You wear me on cold days. = mittens, gloves, coat or jacket, scarf
I am round. I am flat. I have lots of cheese and pepperoni. = pizza
I am noisy. I am full of students. You come to me at lunchtime. = cafeteria
I am yellow and black. I live in a hive. I make honey = bee
I am yellow. I have wheels. I bring you to and from school. = bus
I say "Shh." I like to read. I host book fairs. = librarian

The What Am I pdf worksheet has 12 riddles.

Numbers 1-50
These QR Codes can be used for a number of activities:
  • numerical order
  • odds and evens
  • skip counting 
  • number sentences
  • multiples of 3, 5 

Be a Detective with Verbs, Nouns or Adjectives
Prior Set up: Teacher will need to print off LARGE QR codes and tape on walls around the room. 

Place the Be a Detective QR Codes around the room and give each student a Be a Detective Activity Sheet. 
Students find each QR Code and write the verb on the activity sheet. 

Extension Activity: Each sentence contains a noun(s) and an adjective for additional activities.
Set B = nouns
Set C = adjectives

A1 I baked yummy gingerbread with my grandma.
A2 He raced his bike down the busy street.
A3 The bird rested on the tree branch
A4 The baby bit the juicy watermelon.
A5 The man is building a brick wall.
A6 The rabbit is hiding in the tall grass.
A7 The grasshopper jumped on the tall building.
A8 We will eat juicy hamburgers at the restaurant.

B1 Please hang the beautiful ornament on the tree.
B2 Kick that soccer ball into the goal.
B3 We are learning in the computer lab.
B4 The dog begged for a tasty treat.
B5 Will the strong quarterback pass the football for a touchdown?
B6 The girl cried at the neighborhood park.
B7 We will pick ripe apples for the pie.
B8 The race cars zoomed around the track.

C1) The small boy read a book in the library.
C2) You better flip those buttermilk pancakes.
C3  Let's run to the school playground.
C4 The little baby, yawned, because he was up all night.
C5 The yellow wasp whizzed by my ear.
C6 The group of friends sat by the calm river.
C7 On Saturday, we shopped at the farmer's market.
C8 The boy bounced on the blue trampoline. 
See below for the activity sheet

Compound Words Mix-Match QR Code Activity

30 sets of compound words using the mix-match template. 
Directions: Teachers cuts apart each compound word. Mix up the papers. Each student receives either a word.
Activity: Students are to find their match. When the student believes they have the correct match, the pair put their pieces of paper together and scan their code. If the two words form a compound word, a picture will pop up of the compound word. If the match is incorrect, no response is given. 


Mix and Match QR Codes

Rhyming Words QR Code Activity

30 sets of 3 
Directions: My idea for this activity is to hand out one qr code per student. Students form groups of 3 as each group will have 3 rhyming words. Next, each group will find one more word that will fit with their word family. Either a poem, sentence or story can be written using these 4 words. Post in a Google Doc or TodaysMeet.

snakebellshinenoseKing Tut


For the Little Ones

Another great use of QR Codes is to turn your research websites into QR codes. 
Give each student a strip of QR Codes with their websites. 
No need to bookmark or have your students type in long web addresses. 
Just have the student scan the code and the website will pop up. 

Grades 3-5

Cause and Effect
Cause is the action that makes something happen.
Effect is the result of the action.

Directions: Pass a out QR code to each student.
Students find their cause or effect match.
Form two lines, the CAUSE line and the EFFECT line.
Share the results.

A little more detail:

STEP ONE: Take a slip of paper and scan the code using your QR reader. The code will reveal a phrase. Hypothesize what you might be: cause or effect? If you're a cause, what might be the effect? If you're an effect, what might be the cause? 

STEP TWO: Walk around the room and find your partner by pairing up with your cause or effect.

STEP THREE: Line up where all "causes" are in one line across from all the "effects" in the other line. Identify a few.

STEP FOUR: Introduce yourself to your partner (name, district, and campus) and provide a personal "cause and effect" scenario. 

Ex. When I was five, I accidentally closed a car door on my finger and now have a small scar on my thumb. 

Set  A,B, C Answers

Set A
Paul studied his spelling words.He got an A on the test.
A blizzard hit the town.School was canceled.
Emma ate too many jelly beans.She got a terrible stomachache.
The phone rang.I answered it.
Alexis did not eat her breakfast quickly.She missed the school bus.
The baby did not like Cheerios.She fed them to the dog.
The band sounded great at the performance.Our parents were very proud of us.
Matt was hungry.So he made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
The moon has a gravitational pull.Consequently, the ocean has tides.
It was threatening to rain.I took my bright yellow umbrella.
You should brush your teeth often.So you do not get cavities.
Powerful winds blew the roof off the house.The family had no where to live.
The hamster cage was very stinky.The classroom helpers cleaned it.
Pablo fell out of the tree.He broke his arm.
Set B
Powerful winds blew the roof off the house.The family had no where to live.
The hamster cage was very stinky.The classroom helpers cleaned it
Pablo fell out of the tree.He broke his arm.
It started to rain.Recess was cancelled.
Leaves piled up around the yard.The family spent Saturday raking.
Angela tripped during recess.She was sent to the nurse's office.
The classroom spider was missing from its cage this morning.Mr. Thomas alerted the principal.
We were afraid to go to bed.We just watched a very scary movie.
The earthquake shook the ground.Dishes fell out of the cupboard.
Ben hit a home run.The crowd cheered and his teammates went wild.
My birthday was last Friday.My friends threw a big surprise party.
My sister has a cell phone now.She talks even more.
Chris forgot to set the oven timer.She could smell burning cookies.
Set C
Many scientists believe that the extinction of the dinosaursCame about by a large meteorite hitting the Earth millions of years ago
Tsunamis are createdWhen tectonic plates under the ocean shift, causing an underwater earthquake
The Stamp ActEnraged the colonists and led to the American Revolution
John attached a copper wire to each terminal of a battery and then to a light bulb.Due to the fact that copper is a conductor, the light bulb went on.
The wasteful energy use of people on EarthHas contributed to global warming
When water molecules come into contact with a heat source, they begin to move very quicklyWater begins to boil
The referee called a penalty on the basketball playerFor traveling
The Exxon Valdez oil spillHad devastating long-term consequences on the seal population in Alaska.
The man in the sports car received a ticketHe was speeding in a school zone
The food in the refrigerator spoiledThe electricity was knocked out by Hurricane Bubba
Lightening hit the pine tree and the roof caved inInsurance company called
When the ocean becomes extensively pollutedCoral reefs die

Set A QR Codes

Set B QR Codes

Set C QR Codes

Math: Be a Super Sleuth in Math
Directions: Pass out a QR code to each student. 
Activity A: Find your answer on the wall and stand. Hand them back in, draw again and repeat the process.
Activity B: Write your name on the QR code and stick your QR code on wall.
Laminate QR codes for reuse.

Set A: 10, 14, 15, 18, 21, 20

Set B:  9, 12, 16, 22, 24, 30

Social Studies: Famous Americans QR Codes

Directions: Pass out a QR code to each student. 
Each QR Code has 2 clues.
Clue 1: Group Clue (Find your group)
Clue 2: Use the 4 clues to find the mystery Famous American.
Extension: Research why each clue was given. 

Famous American Category Group Clues
Eli Whitney summer sports    
baseball, canoeing, swimming, tennis
 Benjamin Franklin winter sports hockey, skiing, ice skating, sledding
 John Deere transportation by land motorcycle, bicycle, car , bus
 Thomas Edison multiples of 3 3, 6, 9, 12
 Alexander Graham Bell fruit apple, banana, pear, peach
 George Washington Carver vegetables brocolli, lettuce, carrot, corn
 The Wright Brothers transportation by water boat, ship, submarine, canoe
 Neil Armstrong pets dog, cat hamster, goldfish
 Rosa Parks multiples of 5 5, 10, 15, 20
 Eleanor Roosevelt     zoo/safari animalselephant, rhino, hippo, giraffe

Peggy's BIG Treasure Hunt
15 sets of 4 clues each = 60 QR Codes

Mix and Match with Science Third Grade Words
Teachers cuts apart each vocabulary and definition. Mix up the papers. Each student receives either a word or definition.
Activity: Students are to find their match. When the student believes they have the correct match, the pair put their pieces of paper together and scan their code. If the word matches the description, the QR code. If the match is incorrect, no response is given. 

May also be used as a center, where students can match up the vocabulary word to the definition and self check.

2 Sets of 26 Science Words

Set A: adaptation, atmosphere, balance, climate, construct,  damage, develop, device, endangered, erupt, examine, carnivore, extinct, fossil, frigid, habitat, orbit, pollute, population, predict, recycle, ruin, similar, survive, threatened, transform
Set B: axis, boiling point, centimeter, conclusion, condensation, consumer, decomposer, density, dissolve, earthquake, ecosystem,  energy, erosion, evaporation, fault, food chain force, grams, gravity,  instinct, lava, liter, magma, motion, producers, states of matter

Resource: These QR codes are already made for you and are included in this download package which was downloaded from 

Mix and Match but with Middle School Vocabulary

Make a copy of this activity where the QR code is split into 4 segments.

ELA: Scavenger Hunt with Context Clues
1. Pass out Context Clue QR Scavenger Hunt for each group.
2. Scan the QR Code and read the question.
3. Identify the letter above the arrow.

Algebra and an Egg Hunt
Requires preparation but an excellent idea!

Technology in Early Childhood Blog

QR Codes for Sight Words: Attaching audio files
Great activity for preschoolers and non-readers. She solved the issue of wanting to use qr codes with preschoolers that did not require text.

Record MP3.org is super easy to use if you would like to record audio. Create, upload a MP3 file and than you receive a URL.  

Recommended QR Reader: QR Code Scanner Tool

Additional Resources:
7 Fun Ways to Use QR Codes In Education

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Five Reasons I Love Using QR Codes in My Classroom

Use QR Codes to Teach Reading (word families)

Extention for QR code activites: 
Add a code to a Word document for students to check their own answers or an audio QR Code with the answers.
Laminate these sheets and post them around the classroom. 
(Moving to check their answers also gets your students blood flowing!

Free Images for your QR Codes
All of the images I used for the blends, short vowels and long vowels were from Pixabay. Outstanding free photos.  - Peggy

The images I used for the Compound Words Mix and Match came from Photos For Class. - Peggy
Download images that are properly attributed, Creative Commons photos for school! - See more at: 

Mix and Match Template

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