Reading and Writing with the iPad

Talking Tom App

For Younger Students
Read sentences or a short story to Talking Tom 
Focus: using a clear voice with expression.

For Older Students
Students write alliteration sentences. Practice the following techniques in oral reading:  diction, pronunciation, inflection and rate.  Have the app repeat the student's sentences. 

Resource: As a class, think of two words for each line of the poem that describe the topic word and begin with the same first vertical letter. Our model "Bubbles" poem becomes:
"Bubbles" By Becky 
eautiful balls
sually up
est blowing
efore bouncing
ift lightly
asily elevated
ometimes slippery

Make a Martian  ($.99)

Use the slithery, creepy and crawly body parts to write a descriptive or narrative story. 

Shake to create a random alien.

Take a screen shot of your martian and combine this with another app.  insert this into Doodle Buddy , My Story or an app of your choice. 


Tellagami is a mobile app that lets you create and share a quick animated video called a Gami. 30 seconds of voice (recorded or text to voice). 

Educational Uses:

Writing prompt with a photo you import from your photo roll

As a quiz by displaying an image from a science experiment, primary document, or map with a spoken question.

Homework reminder on your website. 

Students could create math problems for their peers to solve, vocabulary explanations, or even a mini monologue in a language class.

Have your character tell a story.

Pick a person in history and have them introduce themselves or give a quick bio.

Use a plant cell as the background and have the avatar name and discuss the function of each part of the cell.

Recite a famous poem or speech. Or read a self-written poem.
Speak in a foreign language:  Spanish, French, Mandarin or any language.

Gamis can be emailed, posted to Facebook, or Tweeted, which also generates a link to share. You can also view your movie online and get the embed code Embed in a blog or a wiki or save them into your iPad Photo Album. Or try a little app-sharing:  Gamis can be combined together in iMovie or incorporated into other apps like Explain Everything.

Doodle Buddy App

See my Doodle Buddy page.

ABC Magnetic Lite App (My #2 Go To App)

Activity 1 - Six People Sentence
Need groups of six (can be more or less)
1 verb, 1 noun, 1 adjective, 1 adverb, and 2 free words
Choose your words first.
The Group forms a sentence with your six words
Can change a word or two if necessary.

Activity 2 - ABC - 123
Works well with a large group
Count off by giving everybody a letter
Everyone writes the a word with that particular letter
Count off by giving everybody a number (1-2-3-4)
Depending on the age of your students - determines size of the group
Each group organizes themselves into alphabetical order

Activity 3 - Banish Boring Words
Count off by number
works well if you have about 7 per group.
Depending on the age of your students - determines size of the group
Give out the mystery word.
Leader is the boring words
Other Group members help find synonyms and help with spelling.

Use to help in a prewrite activity.

See attachment below for Peggy's words.

Apple Camera App
Using your camera app, everyone  takes 3 interesting photos.
Gather back and form groups of three.
Using a storytelling app, use 1 of each person's photos
Write a story with the 3 photos. Simple or make this as complex as you need to.

Haiku Deck
Back to School with Haiku Deck Activity
My name is                    
I was born
My birthday is
My familly
My pet
My favorite color
I like to eat
I like to learn
My favorite book
3 words that describe me
When I grow up, I want to be
My favorite number
I am afraid of
My favorite place to visit
My favorite hobby
My favorite subject
I am good at
My favorite holiday

Another idea: Make a Number Book.

Getting Started with the Haiku Deck App

10 Ways to Use Haiku Deck in the Classroom

LEGO and Story Starter Kits

Use LEGOS to create stories, math problems or concepts.

I made my own version for training purposes.

Price Point for a Classroom Set of 25 $689.95


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