5-12 Toolkit

Title: Leverage the Power of the Web
Description: Come explore the latest FREE Web tools and leave this session with a tool kit full of online interactive resources, cloud computing tools, and sites for 3-5. Participants will discover resources for both productivity and learning.

Discover how you can use these technologies to better engage your learners
Discover video/podcast resources for 3-5
Discover great web resources specifically for 3 – 5


121 Writing
Add voice comments to your Google docs

Take notes and share them with your peers. Assign people to action items from your meetings, share meeting notes, and more. 

Sketch Up Pro is a 3D modeling software that is easy and intuitive, allowing anyone to model in 3D quickly and accurately.
More information: http://goo.gl/ox2wO

Free licenses through TCEA http://www.tcea.org/learn/sketchup-pro
Complete the Request Form

Wonderville is a free interactive science and technology website created by the Science Alberta Foundation. Anyone can use the website, but members of Userville (youths, parents, teachers) have additional benefits. Becoming a member is free.

Wonderville is organized into 3 main areas. Activities include crossword puzzles, word searches and printable activity sheets, comics, 30+ games and videos.

Fun Science
Neat Jobs
Awesome Tech

Subtopics under the three main are:  computing, energy, engineering, environment, investigation, and nanotechnology.

Grades: K-8th Grade

Who Pooped? by the Minnesota Zoo

One way scientists learn about animals is to study their scat. Play this interactive to learn about farm or African animals by studying their poop.  

Infogram is an easy to use infographic tool with templates to customize. Options include adding charts, videos, images and text. Publish to social media or access via a link.

ScreenLeap allows you to share your screen instantly to any
device with a browser, including laptops, netbooks, computers,
smart phones, iPads, Android tablets, and more. There is no
software to download or install and no registration required.
There is also no limit to the number of devices with which you
can share. Your device that is shared must be capable of
using Java, but it is not required on the other devices. After
clicking to share your screen, processing for about 20 seconds
will occur and then you will be given a unique URL to give to
those who need to connect with you.

Free Screen Sharing
It may be important to have virtual 'office hours' to support your students when they are not in your classroom. Free Screen Sharing provides the ability to have online meetings and share your screen or documents. Chat is enabled in the meeting as well as a phone number that students can call to have the audio of what you are saying. You can get a report after each meeting of who attended, length, etc.


Word It Out
This is a word cloud creator and while there are several good word cloud tools, this one works well on iDevices. 

Other Word Cloud Creators:

The Cube Creator
Summarizing information is an important postreading and prewriting activity that helps students synthesize what they have learned. The interactive Cube Creator offers four options: Mystery Cube, Bio Cube, Story Cube and Create Your Own Cube.
Teacher Resource: http://goo.gl/l9gIP

Today's Meet
Today's Meet is a collaborative back channel tool that can be used as a private chat room. Use the live stream to make comments, ask questions, and use that feedback to tailor your presentation, sharpen your points, and address audience needs.
Site: http://todaysmeet.com/

Poll Everywhere
Web tool builds polls; 40 responses per poll for FREE (opt to pay for more); open ended and multiple choice poll types available. 
Mobile Response: PollEv.com/tceaipad

Easy Polls
Easy polls is a free online poll tool. Share the link to the poll and participants can poll in, and see the results in real time.

QR Codes
QR Codes (or “Quick Response Codes”) have vertical and horizontal axises used to represent information. This forms a two dimensional matrix with equal lengths. Each cell in the matrix can be either on or off. With a two dimensional approach you can store more information – plain text, web page addresses, raw data or even contact information. QR Codes can work with most of today’s mobile phones that has a built-in camera. All you need is some free QR Reader software and you’ve turned your mobile into a sophisticated “bar code” reader – for FREE.

Padlet (Wallwisher) is a web tool that allows the teacher to create a virtual collaborative space for users to place their notes, comments, feedback, responses to questions or simply share their thoughts. 
Site: http://padlet.com/

QR Stuff
This is a must have site if you want to create QR codes for students to scan to access materials and resources for you class. A long list of data types are accepted. You can also change the color of the QR code prior to download it!

Tag Galaxy
Browse through Flickr photos in 3D with this flash application. You need a newer Version of the Adobe Flash Player to view the Tag Galaxy Website.

In Subtext, teachers can embed instruction and scaffolding right in the pages of almost any digital book or ePub. You can layer in web links, videos, assignments and quizzes—opening up limitless opportunities to engage students, foster analysis and writing skills, and assess student progress. Subtext supports the Common Core Standards across reading, language, writing and 21st century digital skills.

Story Builder
Google now offers a web tool for users to create their own story simulating a Google docs sharing experience. 

Elf Yourself
Create an elf video with up to 4 friends by uploading a photo (or using your webcam). Align each face into the template and you'll soon appear as cheery elves dancing up a storm!
Grades: 3-12

Trading Card Creator
While studying a holiday tradition, person, or event, have your students jump over to the Trading Card Creator to create an informational card. You can create one for a fictional person, real person, fictional place, real place, physical object, event, abstract object, or design your own. When done, you can save it as a PDF and/or email it.
Grades: 3-12

Disney's SafeSurfing
Want to learn more about how to stay safe while online? Explore safe surfing facts with the Disney characters.

PBS Kids
The Webonauts Academy will help explain the concepts of web safety and digital citizenship through an interactie game. 

Dot e Pub
Dot e Pub es una herramienta web que le permite crear libros para utilizar en sus iPads, iPods y iPhones. Tambien se pueden utilizar en sus Kindles, y aparatos que puedan leer ePub. 

Convierte tus archivos en varios formatos de libro electrónico, incluyendo ePub estándar de la industria. Justo en su navegador usted puede fácilmente convertir PDF a ePub, DOC a EPUB, MOBI, LIT, LRF a EPUB y muchos más. 2EPUB está 100% libre del convertidor de libros electrónicos en línea.
Formatos de entrada: doc, docx, epub, fb2, html, lit, lrf, mobi, odt, pdb, pdf, prc, rtf, txt.
Formatos de salida: epub, fb2, lit, lrf, mobi

Make GIF animations online using your webcam and images. Draw, paint, type and add effects. Download to your computer or save online and share in the gallery.

Pinterest Boards for Holidays

Check out these Pinterest boards for more ideas for holiday fun, food, activities, and ideas.

Animation Tools:

Go Animate
Create and share animations in minutes

Access your own private and secured school environment. Have complete control using the moderation interface. Upload pictures, add voices. Teachers and students can animate versions of themselves and create other characters according to professions, historical figures or celebrities.

Create your own animation, save it to your webspace, share and reuse artwork, collaborate with others, show your animation

An open source real-time animation software, designed to create animations, interactive background projections for concerts, theatre and dance performances.

Free Content for Your Projects:

Colour Code (virtual color picker)
Desktop colour picker software. Sample a colour from anywhere on screen. Dead handy if you are trying to match a colour.

A website that allows you to browse zillions of wonderful colour palettes and combinations to find the perfect one, or create your own. Invaluable inspiration.

Adobe Kuler – Explore, create and share colour schemes.

24 Famous Fonts You Can Download (article with access to fonts)

Online font generation service that allows you to create your own fonts within a couple of minutes. Your own handwriting turned into your own font. Use your fonts on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Personalize your digital scrapbook pages. Make your own "family handwriting history. Make as many fonts as you like.

Free Textures (for Photoshop)
Royalty Free Music Program (for K-University)
LibriVox (free books)
Audio Archive (audio and MP3 library)

Morgue File is a photo library of all those old shots that have “retired” from the commercial stock libraries, hence you can use the pics for nowt/nada/zilch. Brilliant for finding random pics of things for photo reference or to brighten up a blog.

Find and share public domain images.

Royalty Free Vector Art and Stock Images
Whether you’re a global ad agency or a freelance graphic designer, we have the vector graphics to make your project come to life. Get free and fee-based vector art to download an open with Adobe Illustrator. 

Seek Logo
Locate professionally designed logos to use as a reference or to take a part for use with your artwork. 
Site: http://www.seeklogo.com/

Cool Text
Cool Text is a FREE graphics generator for web pages and anywhere else you need an impressive logo without a lot of design work.  Simply choose what kind of image you would like. Then fill out a form and you'll have your own custom image created on the fly. 

Video Resources:

TEDEd's commitment to creating lessons worth sharing is an extension of TED's mission of spreading great ideas. TEDEd videos can be used to enhance lessons or provide instruction as a part of the flipped classroom. 

Ask students to think about the following question: Why do we vote on Tuesday’s?
-Students share their best guess on http://primarywall.com/aXy6SHZta9
-Play TEDEd video; students take notes on their sticky
-Group discussion: Do you think that changing America’s voting date from Tuesday to a weekend date will impact voter turnout? How? Why or why not?
-Post question to social media and reflect on results (on a later date); can also use http://pbskids.org/democracy/sticker-race/ with younger students

Wonderopolis, a program brought to life by the National Center for Family Literacy, engages and inspires families in the pursuit of education and learning together. Our Wonders of the Day will help you find learning moments in everyday life, ones that fit in with dinner preparations, carpool responsibilities, a stolen moment between breakfast and the bus, or within school curriculum and education programs.

Required Apps: Camera, Notes, Safari
Materials: Little Bits

STEP ONE: Watch the video on LED lights
What are LED’s? http://wonderopolis.org/wonder/what-are-leds/

STEP TWO: Read the section: Did you Know? Take notes as needed.

STEP THREE: Using the little bits, design a Morse code instrument, a strobe light, and a light dimmer switch. Your designs should incorporate the LED light in some way. Be sure to be able to explain how you made each instrument and why an LED light may be advantageous. 

STEP FOUR: Videotape your experiment. Use vocabulary words found under ‘Wonder Words’.

STEP FIVE: Take quiz

RadioLab is a show about wonder, curiosity and big ideas. RadioLab presents a potent elixir of science and philosophy, first-person storytelling and radio theatre, all woven together.
Site: http://www.radiolab.org/
iTunes: Find the Podcast in iTunes for Free
iTunes (App): $2.99 http://goo.gl/tEX6z

STEP ONE: Listen to podcast
STEP TWO: Teacher selects three students to hold the slinkys.
STEP THREE: Teacher records students releasing the slinkys using the iPad iMovie app
STEP FOUR: Teacher shows the video recording in slow motion. Students address the question: Can a slinky defy gravity?

Dragonfly TV
It’s all about cool exploration, hot music and of course science! Whether you’re into summertime ski-jumping, wicked whitewater rafting, searching for aliens, or forensic fin, DragonflyTV is packed with hands-on investigations. Get ready to surf into some real science!

YouTube Channel Multi-Content Area: (3 - 12)
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