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Week 5: Project Management

Challenge Question:


Following graduation from the MDP program, you have been hired to lead a new inter-agency coordination program in your country.  The position, Team Leader for Sustainable Development Budgeting, is based in the Ministry of Finance and Planning.  Your assignment is to produce a national budget that the Ministries of Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Health, and Industry all endorse.  Each ministry has assigned its own technical PhD to the work team. The budget is due in 12 months.  Write a short memo to your supervisor outlining your goals for the first 90 days.

To: Minister of Finance

From: Thomas Caffrey Osvald

Re: Aims for the first 90 days of Sustainable Development Budget

Dear Minister Biti,

In preparation for next weeks first meeting with the Committee for Sustainable Development Budgeting, I have drawn up list of goals which I would like to achieve within the first 90 days of our project.

Our work begins the 11h of October. After introductions, the technical assistants will be told of their tasks and responsibilities for the project. Our varied lines of communications will be established. Within the first week, an informal discussion regarding previous budgets will be held, with the task of identifying policy coherence, policy-conflict and policy-overlap being key issues. An individual weekly report with me is scheduled for each assistant.

The main task of our technical assistants will b to present, within 60 days, a complete costed (audited) and accounted report with ministerial-specific policy aims and goals, with the hope that last years budget may be used as a baseline for figures. These reports will be circulated to their peers, and will, within one week of completing the initial report, be submitted to a complete round of analysis from our working group, hopefully completing this process for each report within one week.

Using the constructive advice from their peers, a revised, audited and accounted report will be due no later than the 5th of January, 2011 (86 days). By the 12th of January, I would like to have met you and the First Secretary of the Ministry of Finance to deliver my first inter-departmental consolidated draft budget on sustainable development.

Hopefully our first 90 days will prove fruitful, and a successful partnership can be forged,


Thomas Caffrey Osvald