Dunboyne Establishment and Humanity House

In 1816 Dunboyne House was left to the College Trustees upon the death of Lord Dunboyne. The house became known as the “Dunboyne Establishment” which was the original postgraduate department of the college in the early 1800’s.

Between 1822 and 1823, Humanity House was constructed as an extension to Dunboyne House where the eventual South Wing of St. Joseph’s Square was formed.

The building is known as Humanity House as classes in Humanity originally took place there, these classes somewhat resembling modern-day arts courses.

When initially constructed, Humanity House was known as “Junior House” as this was where only Freshmen of the college studied.

Humanity House is currently the site of the Academic Council, Admissions Office, Dean’s Office, Examinations Office, Freedom of Information Office, International Office and Quality Promotion Unit.