9th Grade Fall IDP

Worldview in Thought and Deed: Analyzing a Worldview through Writings and Action
Consider these kinds of resources as you search for sources for the Worldview (Bible/English) research project:

TCA Library Resources

Begin with a general or specific encyclopedia  to get an overview of your person and his or her worldview. 

  • Look in the TCA Library Reference Section. 
  • Use an online general reference source, such as Encyclopedia Britannica.
  • Remember that you will not use these sources specifically in your paper, but they are a good starting point. 

Use the TCA Library catalog to look for books.  Be sure to login so you can access all of the resources available. 

 Search Tips: 

  • Look for books about your person and by your person.  You may find those books in the biography, non-fiction, or fiction sections. 

  • Be sure to do a keyword search, not an author or subject search, so you don’t miss any titles. 

 After you have found print books, check out the digital, databases and open educational resources.

If you have trouble getting into ABC-Clio or Infobase databases, be sure you have UNBLOCKED the pop-up blocker.

Check out this resource when you start writing your speech:

Verbs of Attribution

Public Library Resources

Search your public library for more options.  Click on the Public Library Links under Useful Links.

  • Search the catalog for books by or about your person.  Be sure to use Advance Search to narrow the criteria.

  • Check out the databases available with your library card.  Consider these databases at Delaware County Library System (similar databases at other public libraries):

    • Academic Search Main Edition

    • African-American History Online

    • American History Online

    • Ancient and Medieval History Online

    • Modern World History Online 

  •  Search in the EBSCOHost database for articles and ebooks about your person.

Worldview Resources

Consider these book sources:

The Universe Next Door by James Sire

Understanding the Times by David Noebel


+ look in the Worldview list under the Copy Categories tab in the Library catalog


Check out these websites:


Understanding Six Worldviews that Rule the World  by David Noebel


Worldview Resources  from Summit Ministries


Worldviews  by Jerry Solomon (based on The Universe Next Door)

Finding Primary Documents Online

This guide provides suggestions for online primary document searches.


"How to Identify and Find Primary Documents from the Internet"  from CA State U's Library


If your person is alive today, search for interviews of that person or articles written by that person.


If your person is from history, check out the primary source resource folders in the 10th Gr. Spring and 11th Gr. Fall IDP Research Guides.