9th Grade Spring IDP

Experiment Central:  The Science Fair
Background Research


One of the important sections of your Science Fair paper is the background.  The background section presents important information about the scientific problem that your experiment will investigate.  The background section may include the following information:

  • an overview/ definition/ explanation of the problem
  • explanation of the importance of the problem

  • definitions of important terms or concepts related to the problem

  • explanation of relevant mathematical formulas or scientific equipment that will be part of the experiment

You will need to find sources, both print and web, that will help you provide this information.  Check out these resources.

TCA Library

Log into the Library Catalog.

Search the catalog for books about your problem/experiment.  

Look at the books on the Science Fair Resource List.
Library and Online Databases

After you have searched for books, click on the One Search tab next to the Title tab.

Look at the results from Khan Academy and in Science Online by clicking on the word Show next to the green arrow. Science Online is currently not available through One Search. Instead, click on the Library Database choice under the Library Catalog tab.

Research Tip:  You may need to unblock the pop-up blocker to see the results from Science Online.  Click on the pop-up blocker icon in the web address bar and choose "always allow pop-ups"; then go back to TCA's Library's page and reload the Science Online page.

Other Online Resources

You may find these websites helpful: