12th Grade IPD (Spring)

                    Do the Right Thing:  Taking a Stand on an Ethical Dilemma
                           From Page to Podium: Writing and Presenting Your Research

Remember that you are presenting the problem (the ethical dilemma), describing possible solutions, and then evaluating those solutions and arguing for the best approach to resolving the dilemma).

Check out these resources as you write your draft. 
Smith, Jane. Personal interview. 19 May 2014.

MLA in-text citation format for an interview:
(Smith) -- use only the last name as page number is not applicable.


      Effects of acid rain

"Effects of Acid Rain." Issues: Understanding Controversy and Society, ABC-CLIO, 2018, issues.abc-clio.com/Search/Display/934504. Accessed 8 May 2018. 


Visual Rhetoric/Literacy
Check out a variety of resources from Purdue University's OWL (online writing lab)  and Temple University's Library about visual rhetoric and visual literacy.  These links takes you to the home page from where you can read an overview and then check out a host of resources.

PowerPoint Presentations

Finding Images for your Presentation

Check out this Wikipedia resource of websites that offer free images.  Be sure to check the information for the specific image you want to use. 

Modify your search in Google Images:  On the search results page, click Search Tools, click Usage Rights, and check labeled for non-commercial reuse.

Search in one of TCA's databases.  The citation information will be provided.

Every image should have a caption that provides the source information. If the source says that your picture is in the public domain, include that information in the caption.   Use the works cited entry as the format for the caption.